The Unruffled Podcast

Hey friends,

Short post this week…it’s been a doozy with some personal stuffs we’ve got going on right now but I wanted to share that I had the honor of being a guest on one of my all time favorite podcasts this past week, The Unruffled Podcast.


The Unruffled Podcast, hosted by Tammi Salas and Sondra Primeaux, focuses on creatives in recovery.  They discuss with guests how their creative outlets fuel their recovery and vice versa.

I appreciate that both Tammi & Sondra are artists, writers, and life long creatives who are dedicated to kindness, service, and making the world a little more beautiful.

I hope you enjoy our conversation about sobriety, gray area drinking, artistic endeavors, sobriety and spending, and parenthood!

Thanks for listening and happy sobering friends!

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