About Sober in Vegas

SIV Logo art by the fabulous Mary Felker

Thank you for stopping by!

Sober in Vegas is dedicated to exploring activities, travel, and things to do here in Sin City.

Since I know sobriety and addiction triggers can be different for each person, I try my best to categorize posts as follows:

There may be a coffee shop or restaurant that I feature that does serve alcohol, but that isn’t the main offering of the establishment. That I would categorize as Sober-Friendly.

However, if there’s a place that doesn’t have alcohol for sale at all, I’ll categorize it as Alcohol-Free.

What this website isn’t:

  • This site is not a replacement for doctoral advice and I make no claims to be a health care professional.
  • Please seek the advice and help of a health professional if you feel you are suffering from alcohol abuse, addiction, or suicidal thoughts.


About Me:

I’m Kim.

I’m a visual artist. Writer. Former theatre maker. Hiker. Mama. Introvert.

I examined my relationship with alcohol in December of 2014 and stopped drinking entirely a few months later.  It wasn’t until a few years ago that I really took ownership of the word sober.

This blog is a project to help me (and hopefully others!) celebrate and strengthen their choice of sobriety, especially if they’re living in or visiting Las Vegas.

I should also mention that I don’t judge others. Everyone has the right to their own choices and some people don’t have issues with alcohol. I have many friends who still drink, and it doesn’t change my thoughts or feelings about them.

When not working or writing here on the blog, I spend most of my free time making art, thrifting, hiking, and exploring the city with my husband, daughter, and extended family.

Thank you for stopping by and happy sobering friends!

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More on my artwork:

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Podcast Episodes:

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