Stroller Friendly Hikes, Trails, and Outdoor Spaces in Las Vegas

I’ve written before about how hiking and the outdoors has been a huge part of my sobriety.

And last year when I had my daughter, I found that trying to research stroller-friendly trails and outdoor spaces here in Vegas was difficult.

At the time I didn’t yet have my child carrier backpack (sidenote: this was a purchase I bought used on OfferUp, I encourage you to search locally for options or via Ebay, as these kinds of carriers are PRICEY…) and I remember endlessly scrolling trying to find outdoor areas that I could bring my daughter in her stroller.

Most of the below trails require a little more rugged jogging-type stroller (again: yardsales, craigslist, offerup, letgo are great ways to explore used options), but a few of them are paved and require little more than an umbrella stroller.

Also, some of these are more park walks than hikes, but they are places that actually feel like nature is nearby and are home to small wildlife, offer views of the mountains or the Vegas skyline, and have varied vegetation.

If you’re a new parent out there in the Vegas area trying to get some fresh air with your kiddos, I hope this A-Z post of options helps you!

A note: I’ve put a * next to the trails I’ve done with my daughter and a + next to the ones I’ve read about and are on my list to try!

+Armagosa Trail this 10 mile trail has multiple start areas throughout the south-east and Henderson.  It does vary from paved to unpaved terrains so I would recommend a more sturdy stroller if you’re planning to do the full trail. It passes through parks, baseball fields, undeveloped and developed areas, past artwork, and offers some awesome skyline views. Parking areas are available at Cactus Wren Park, Henderson Multi generational Center, Paseo Verde Park, and Reunion Trails Park.

+Burkholder Trail Connection this trail connects with the River Mountains Loop trail and is located in Henderson near East Lake Mead Parkway. The trail permits horeseback riding along some areas, and has areas along urban developments as well as non developed lands. It’s about 3 miles long, and parking is available at Heritage Park and Cinnamon Ridge Park, along Burkholder Boulevard between Racetrack Road and Pueblo Boulevard.

The view of the Vegas skyline from the Clark County Wetlands

*Clark County Wetlands Park offers a super kid-friendly visitor center, as well as miles of paved trails.  There are some portions that are unpaved that would be doable with a jogging stroller, but the paved areas would be fine with an umbrella stroller. The views here are spectacular and it’s one of the few places that feels totally disconnected from the city while still being able to have a stroller. BONUS: The bathrooms at the visitor center also offer a place where you can change a kiddo that still wears diapers, and they  have free programming for kids throughout the year.

*Craig Ranch Regional Park this park is full of trails, features a pond, has a seasonal farmers market, skate park, community gardens and so many paved walking paths.  There are multiple playgrounds but because Craig Ranch spans a huge swath of land, it feels like so much more than a public park.

Craig Ranch Regional Park’s placid pond

*Ethel M. Chocolates Cactus Garden the free public garden here is a fantastic place to spend an hour walking with a stroller as it has paved paths, season decorations, and if you’re inclined to go inside, there is often a free sample of chocolate available!

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 10.21.46 AM.png
Golden hour views at Ethel M. Chocolates

*Floyd Lamb Park at Tule Springs is a great place to send the afternoon.  They host the Las Vegas Farmers Market on certain weekends and in addition to the paved and dirt walking paths they have historical structures on site, tons of restrooms, and ponds for fishing.

+Haulapai Canyon Trailhead a small trail with mountain views, water fountains, and lots of flora to view.

*Historic Railroad Trail is one of my all time favorites. It is relatively low impact, the parking lot trail head has a restroom, and I’ve taken our jogging stroller on it multiple times with no issues. The one thing I will mention is that this trail is POPULAR! Get there early if you want a parking spot and you’ll be rewarded with incredible views of Lake Mead.

My all time favorite stroller friendly trail, the Historic Railroad Trail out at Lake Mead

*Lone Mountain Loop Trail the trail at the bottom of Lone Mountain is the perfect stroller hike.  Although it’s unshaded (so be careful in summer!) it’s about an hour to go all the way around and has very little elevation change. Bonus: sometimes you can see people riding horses on this trail!

+Paseo Verde Trail will take you all throughout the Green Valley area of Henderson on paved paths and through scrubs and blooms native to this area. As it is an urban trail, parts are near roads and railroads, and other parts go through parks and back roads that are less traveled. Make sure to bring your hat and sunscreen as much of this trail is uncovered.

+Peccole Ranch Walking Trail is a shorter, grassier, paved trail on the west side near Summerlin popular with folks walking their dogs or out for an early morning run.

+Pueblo Park Trail this trail starts at the parking lot next to a small playground and park area, and offers longer walking paths behind residential areas.  The views from this trail are surprising, given how little elevation is gained (if any!) and how stroller friendly the trail is.

Photo spot right outside the Red Rock Visitor Center

*Red Rock Visitor Center is not technically a ‘trail’ per se, but I’ve had a really great time with my daughter both in and out of her stroller here.  The visitor center has a large window for awesome Red Rock views, as well as packed dirt exploration areas outdoors.  There are also desert tortoises living at the visitor center and the staff are really helpful at recommending hikes for all levels. On top of that, if you have a really little one, like under a month, and just need to get out of the house, the scenic drive is awesome. You can get hike-worthy views without getting out of your car.  This was a life-saver for me my first three months with my daughter.

+River Mountains Loop Trail is a HUGE 35 mile long paved trail throughout Henderson, Boulder City, and surrounding Lake Mead areas. I have only done small parts, and although mostly used as a bike path, it’s incredibly stroller friendly.  The website for the trail offers all kinds of resources about trail heads, amenities, etc. and I can’t wait to explore this trail further in the coming years.

*Springs Preserve has walking trails upon walking trails.  Many of the trails are paved, or at least dirt that’s packed enough to bring a jogging stroller on.  Spring is my favorite time to hit the Springs Preserve and some parts of the campus feel so far from the city….but then you turn a corner and see the Stratosphere in the background and are reminded that this is an oasis in the desert. Bonus: They have changing stations in most of their restrooms and a restaurant on site.

The incredible view from the Springs Preserve

*Sunset Park has multiple stroller friendly path options.  There are the paths that circle the pond, the paths in the native plant areas, and then the tons of open grass areas that are perfect for when kiddos start to walk and explore.  This is one of my favorite places to bring a kite on a windy day and just enjoy being outdoors.

I hope you’re able to check out some of these offerings in the Vegas area…get out there and enjoy this beautiful weather!