Sober in Vegas: Fukumimi Ramen

Overall I am trying to stay positive out here in Vegas.


Get outside.


Sleep well.

Eat well.

Practice community.


I have found these things to be essential in my self-care routine and my sobriety.

Now, on the subject of “eat well”…

I recently visited a place that was delightful and wanted to share in a short(er) post than usual.

Fukumimi Ramen was a 100% win!

The exterior of this unassuming little gem

It’s located on the Central/East side of Vegas at Tropicana and Eastern…for you out of towners it’s about 15 minutes from The Strip.

It also shares its strip mall location with the Aveda School (hello cheap and wonderful haircuts!), a Starbucks and is right across the street from the thrift store to end all thrift stores–Savers.

The menu here is small but mighty

Okay, I want to point out that they do serve a few beers here, so I can’t categorize this as alcohol-free, but it’s definitely sober-friendly!

The menu’s focus is on the food rather than cocktails or drinks–and the atmosphere is far from anything resembling a bar.

So now comes my confession…we didn’t actually have ramen….I ended up wanting to try lots of little plates with my dining buddy….!

Lovely little green salad
Agadashi Tofu
edamame and honey garlic chicken.jpg
Edamame, Side of rice, and Honey Garlic Chicken

The staff here was also SO NICE–and I need to mention the price….we ate for about $20 total, what a treat!

I will have to try their famous ramen next time and I hope to be back soon.

Thank you Fukumimi Ramen for the wonderful dining experience!

Thanks for reading friends and happy sobering!

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