Q & A with local Vegas bartender Bobby Franks

Recently I have been inspired by some incredible work that Marnie Rae is doing. If you aren't familiar with her, she's a writer, instagrammer, and alcohol-free drink activist who views the 'soft-cocktail,' ie. an alcohol-free beverage crafted with fresh and flavorful ingredients such as simple syrup, fruit puree's, herbs and spices. She's been working with … Continue reading Q & A with local Vegas bartender Bobby Franks

Sober-Friendly Strip Tips #6, The Wynn 

Before I finally(!) get to the next sober-friendly strip tips I wanted to write about a podcast I've been listening to this week that's been really healing. She Explores is a website & podcast dedicated to creating conversation around women and the outdoors. It's not necessarily about extreme sports or adventuring, moreso, it's interested in dialog … Continue reading Sober-Friendly Strip Tips #6, The Wynn