Sober-Friendly Strip Tips #6, The Wynn 

Before I finally(!) get to the next sober-friendly strip tips I wanted to write about a podcast I’ve been listening to this week that’s been really healing.

She Explores is a website & podcast dedicated to creating conversation around women and the outdoors.

It’s not necessarily about extreme sports or adventuring, moreso, it’s interested in dialog around all kinds of women and why they explore outside.

They cover mental health and the outdoors, diversity in the outdoors, and self-care among other topics.

I haven’t had a chance to listen to everything yet, but I’m working my way through and they are thoughtful conversations that offer inspiration and encouragement.

I was especially moved by the episode exploring mental health and the outdoors. For me in my sobriety and recovery, being outside, even if it’s just for a walk, has been particularly healing.

Okay, onto the next Sober-Friendly Strip Tips…!

A few weeks ago my blogger friend She Hid Behind the Glass asked for a post on The Wynn, and although it’s taken me a bit to get over there a few times to get photos and explore, I’m so glad I did! 🙂

Walking over to The Wynn enjoying the landscaping outside

This property is beautifully designed and has a calm feel on the interior–which is rare for The Strip.

A view of the atrium which features a real moving carousel made with flowers!

The Wynn offers upscale retail options (which although don’t fit my pocketbook are at the very least lovely for window shopping) and one of the main things this property focuses on is dining.

A view of the beautifully designed shopping area

I’ve written before about why sometimes it’s difficult for me to do more upscale sit down dinners (because that’s where I used to love to do some of my blackout drinking…) but I also realize this isn’t a trigger for others.

Floor mosaics near the casino floor area

If you’re a person who isn’t triggered at sit-down restaurants that offer a cocktail menu, The Wynn is a fantastic option for you.

They have an array of options, most of which I will give you a heads up require a reservation and have a dress code–but that’s part of the fun of a trip to Vegas is doing something upscale and fancy, right?!

Looking into the Buffet area once again showcasing beautiful interior design

The Wynn also prides itself in offering Vegan and Vegetarian dining options throughout their property.

And if you’re looking for a more casual dining  option, I recommend the Terrace Pointe Cafe overlooking the water which offers fresh juices and smoothies, in addition to breakfast & lunch fare.

Another interior view of their Atrium area…so classy!

If you happen to be at The Wynn at night, you can enjoy watching the Lake of Dreams, a spectacle show involving lights, water, projections, holograms and puppetry.

Restaurants Lakeside and the SW Steakhouse offer views of the show, and it happens every half hour beginning at dusk until 11:30 p.m.

Lakeside offers views of the Lake of Dreams show while dining

Something The Wynn is offering that’s a little different are their Master Classes.

A small warning–a good portion of the classes involve alcohol (so not great for those of us who are sober…) but they also offer alot of other classes that seem interesting & fun that aren’t focused on cocktails. And this is kind of a unique offering as far as I’ve seen on the Strip!

Who wouldn’t want to learn how to make pasta from Sinatra’s grand-daugther?!

master class.jpg

And if you are looking for entertainment beyond the Lake of Dreams, you can see Le Reve at the Wynn Theatre.

It’s a circus style show featuring water and acrobatics, and goes with the water theme most of the Wynn properties embrace.


Standing right outside the Wynn Theatre is a Jeff Koons sculpture of Popeye.

You could spend hours in LA or NYC waiting to get into a museum to see a Koons sculpture for free-instead, why not stop by Vegas? 🙂

Jeff Koons’ “Popeye”

I really enjoyed my trips over to The Wynn and learned more about this property than I knew before–even being a local I’m still discovering more everyday!

The dancing fountains out front with a view of the Fashion Show Mall across the street

Thanks for reading and happy sobering friends!


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  1. Thanks for the recommendation of She Explores! It’s so good to see other women pursue their interests, especially when it promotes better health and self-love.

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  2. Ok this place looks incredible – Le Reve is soooo enticing! Am really looking forward to my sober Vegas challenge next month. And thanks to you, I keep adding more and more to my list of adventures. The others can all sit around the Strip getting boozed and gambling while I’m discovering these sorts of sights.
    Thank you as always.
    Love and sober hugs,
    From New Zealand 🇳🇿💙🌏🦋

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