Sober in Vegas: Toast Society

Happy fall friends!

Hope everyone has been enjoying this incredible weather the past few weeks.

This is my favorite time here in Las Vegas…it’s sunny, the air is crisp, light breeze. Just the best!

I’m also starting to finally recover from a crazy few months…summer is my busy season at my day job, then hanging and opening and closing my own art the Blazin’ Paddles meet up event…it was ALOT on top of working full time and having a baby.

Honestly, I’ve been feeling pretty burnt out so over the next couple weeks I am going to be holing up and just taking time for my own recovery.

I had been wanting to write about a recent trip to Toast Society but due to the aforementioned events, I am only now writing about it!


Toast Society is on the West side of town off of the 215 and Russell road, and they’re open for breakfast and lunch seven days a week.  It’s the perfect little meet up spot!

The “Just Beet It” toast…YUM! Beet hummus, avocado, feta, & microgreens!

What was the most fun about my visit to Toast Society was that it was to meet up with an Insta friend turned IRL friend, Laci.

Laci aka Las Vegas Gal is one of my favorite local instagrammers.

She is always on point with what’s going on in Vegas, which makes total sense given that she’s constantly driving the valley for her real estate business, and what I love most about her account is how much she fosters a sense of community.

She’s passionate about Vegas arts, history, and culture. And she’s one of those people that lifts up others–she’s constantly featuring other locals to her 12,000 (YES 12K!) followers simply because she believes in kindness and local community.


Neither of us had yet been to Toast Society, so we decided that it would be the perfect place for a real-life meet up.

The atmosphere at Toast Society is just so welcoming…we sat and talked for almost two hours, and in that time saw families, couples, friends, solo folks working on laptops.

And the staff was attentive and kind. Always a plus in my book.

You can also check out their menu online as they offer a variety of smoothies and coffee options to accompany your savory or sweet toast…and they even have a toast flight option.

I love that Vegas is growing to have so many unique dining options throughout the Valley.

And I love even more that I’m getting to experience them with lovely women that I’ve met online that I may not have met in person otherwise.

So here’s to the next few few weeks of recharging, resting, and renewal–and being grateful for all the amazing connections running this site has brought. ❤

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