Sahara West Library & Art Gallery

As it’s been unseasonably rainy here in Vegas I’ve been trying to find some more alcohol-free indoor activities.

I love libraries–and the Sahara West Library is one of the best around!

The entrance to the Sahara West Library

This library is located on the west side of Las Vegas at Sahara and Grand Canyon (a block west of Fort Apache).

At one time, they also had a museum at this location. Currently, it’s an art gallery called The Studio with rotating displays and shows.

art gallery entrance.jpg
Walking towards The Studio art gallery

There is no fee to peruse The Studio, and they currently have three different artists’ works on view.

sculpture at entrance.jpg
Sculpture outside of The Studio entrance

One of the artists currently on exhibition is Robert Beckmann, a Las Vegan who paints chilling scenes inspired by classical paintings that include Vegas iconography, signage, and architecture.

gallery view.jpg
A view of one of the three rooms inside of The Studio

I got to hear Robert Beckman speak last year at a panel event at The Neon Museum and fell in love with his artwork.

The way he combines an apocalyptic feel with imagery from Las Vegas somehow just seems right…

I love this painting below of the Dunes Implosion which is based on a painting by Joseph Wright of Derby.

The series is called Vegas Vanitas and has other artwork inspired by painters such as Poussin, Turner, and Cole.

dunes implosion.jpg
“Renewal” by Robert Beckmann

In addition to The Studio, Sahara West Library has a KILLER bookstore!

bookstore neon.jpg
Neon signage at the library bookstore because VEGAS!
bookstore exterior.jpg
Entrance to the bookstore

The bookstore has everything…DVD’s, Magazines, and every type of book imaginable for sale. Fiction, non-fiction, autobiography, reference, humor, romance novels, kids books, vintage books, craft how-to’s, the list goes on and on.

bookstore interior.jpg
Inside the bookstore

So, now onto the actual traditional library offerings. 😉

This library houses most of its book collection on the 2nd floor–and most of its media (DVDs, CDs) is on the first floor.

upstairs book area.jpg
A view of the 2nd Floor book area

One thing I really love about this library is the communal aspect.  On every level, in every corner, there are areas to work.

When I was in high school or college and needed a place to study–I would have LOVED this library.

Outside of The Studio gallery on the first floor are tons of tables for work stations, and this library has free wi-fi.

On the second floor there are lots of group areas set up conducive to study or meetings.

meeting area.jpg
One of the group study areas on the 2nd floor

Finally, one of the coolest part of this library is their programming.

They have a focus on mental health, and most of the classes are FREE!

Free yoga!

Free meditation!

Be sure to check out the LVCCLD event page under Sahara West Library and choose Wellness/Health Events to see all the cool stuff coming up!


I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to when the weather gets a little nicer and I can get back outside again-but for now places like the Sahara West Library are keeping me sane!

Thanks for reading and happy sobering friends!


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