2021 Free Downloadable Calendar

For the past few years I’ve released a totally 100% free downloadable PDF calendar featuring original art.

I hope you enjoy this year’s calendar!

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Dear Friends,

To say it has been a year would be an understatement.

This has been one of the hardest years I can remember, and probably it’s been that way for you as well.

This year has taught me the importance of duality. Of holding together at the same time joy and sorrow, pain and hope, loneliness and community.

For 2021, my wish is that we embrace discomfort rather than repel it.  In order for us to grow and strengthen, we’ll need to continue to have conversations with folks who are different from us.  We’ll need to hold space for dialogue that is not committed to cancel culture, but rather, to problem solving.  We’ll need to protect and stand up for those of us who are the most vulnerable while amplifying and respecting their voices and concerns.

Despite how many deeply upsetting moments the last year has had, it’s also been a source of much time with my immediate family.  We’ve gardened together, gone for walks every night, cooked, baked, made art together.

This calendar is a result of a new medium I’ve come to love this year, stamp carving and linocut. If we’d not been at home so much, I’m not sure I would have created these artworks.

My hope for you my friends is this:

I hope you are safe.

I hope you are taking time to step outside.

I hope you are giving yourself space to grieve if needed.

I hope you are resting.

I hope you have not given up.

Sending love to you for this new year.

Happy Sobering!

Kim aka Sober in Vegas

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