Postcard Activism

Hi Friends,

I’ve been working on a little project the past few weeks on Instagram: Postcard Activism.

The goal has been to encourage folks to reach out to their representatives for certain issues. They’re each hand printed linocuts and I’ve mailed them to folks in exchange for their activism. The first was a postcard to honor RBG and the second was a postcard in honor of Breonna Taylor.

Both of these postcards however were commemorating those we have lost, and I wanted to create another for the series that was related to something more hopeful.

The most recent creation has been a postcard as well as a color print to encourage folks to support, share, donate, and write to their representatives about the DAWN Act.

The proposed bill which has been crafted by the folks at Be An Arts Hero specifically targets relief for arts workers, as these have been some of the most devastated citizens from the COVID shutdown.

If you’re interested in learning more about the postcard activism project, feel free to drop me a line via the contact page.

Hope all of you are hanging in there, and as always, happy sobering friends.

If you send me a screenshot or picture of a letter, email, or call you send to your representatives asking them to support the DAWN act, I’ll send you a free hand printed postcard!
And if you make a donation in any amount to Be An Arts Hero, I’ll send you a free rainbow roll color print