The 2020 Free Downloadable Sober in Vegas Calendar

Hi friends,

I know it’s been a little quiet on the Sober in Vegas front, but I wanted to share the latest project I’ve been working on: the totally 100% free downloadable Sober in Vegas 2020 calendar.

You can download the calendar by clicking here.


You can choose to either use the PDF digitally or print it on your own!

A friend sparked the theme this year by asking me what I wanted to make space for in my life. The question caught me off guard because I thought I had already figured all of that out. In 2017 when I pared down many of my possessions, I thought I had finished ‘making all the space’ that I needed.

But I realized I’d created space, but hadn’t considered what might fill it.So this year I want to focus each month on making space for something.

Some of the things I’ve been considering challenging myself to make space for are:

making mistakes

giving back
difference of opinion

doing nothing
being outside
exploring spirituality

taking action
deepening relationships

letting go
being wrong
being in nature
making things from scratch
asking for help


learning new skills,
and being bad at them,
and that being okay.

Each month has a space for you to write what you are creating space for every month of 2020.

I hope that as you head into 2020 and we embark on a new decade that you are able to make space for new challenges, new thoughts, new paths, and new experiments.

Happy sobering in 2020 my friends!