Mental Health Advocates: Alicia Mattera & Las Vegas Baby Co.

So as many of you who’ve been following along know, we have a little one running around our house.

Last year after she was born, I really struggled.  I wrote a bit about it here, but it has taken me almost a full year to feel like myself again after giving birth.

During my pregnancy and the first few weeks following our daughter’s arrival, we were lucky enough to have support and care from Alicia Mattera, the founder of Las Vegas Baby Co.

My daughter enjoying the amenities of the new Las Vegas Baby Co. space!

What I appreciated most about the support we received from Las Vegas Baby Co. was the lack of judgement.  I never felt like there was a secret agenda we were being pushed, never felt like we were doing something ‘wrong’ if we chose or didn’t choose something, and I never EVER felt shamed by their staff.

Instead, I felt empowered.  I felt safe. I felt supported. Alicia uses Las Vegas Baby Co. and their programming to lift up new parents.  She has created a business that seeks to educate new parents and spread kindness all while building up clients during their most vulnerable hours.

For me personally, without Alicia and her team, I would probably not have gotten the help I needed for my PPD. When I was truly at my lowest, she made sure that I reached out to my doctor and got the professional medical help I needed.

Now, in addition to pregnancy related support and pre-parenting classes, Las Vegas Baby Co. is offering something SO INCREDIBLE for new mothers…Mom Club.

A place to just BE as a new mama

It’s a place to hang out when you have a really little one (under 12 months) to just BE. During my first months with my daughter I was so desperate to have human interaction, but honestly, I felt like I was a burden everywhere I went.

I was worried someone was going to be annoyed that I had a baby with me, I was worried there would be a loud noise and she’d be woken up and cry, I was worried someone was going to tell me what a bad job I was doing.

But….I was also REALLY lonely.

It was a catch 22.

That’s why I was so excited when Alicia told me about the Mom Club they’ve started this year, a place where brand new mothers can come and just chill out of the house.

The club has two different types of memberships, a “Mom University Membership”and a “Co-Work / Co-Play Membership.”

The Mom University Membership includes weekday open space for play and networking from 10am-2pm, coffee/tea, educational classes, yoga & meditation classes, industry professionals available for questions and assistance, support group access, a lending library, wifi, networking opportunities, monthly member meetups, and more.

The Co-Work/Co-Play Membership includes access to the open space for play and networking every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. with access to coffee/tea, wifi, the lending library, industry professionals available for questions/assistance, monthly member meetups, and more.

Las Vegas Baby Co. also offers 2 scholarships a month for women that can’t afford the membership cost.  INCREDIBLE. Just incredible.

How cute is this co-working space?!

I wish this had been around during the first months I had my daughter. I know my mental health would have been in a much better place if I’d had a space to co-exist with other adults during those early weeks.

I’m so grateful for the care with which Alicia and her team have created this new programming, and if you’re a new parent in the Vegas area,  I can’t recommend their services enough.

A safe space for new mamas and their little ones….