Sober in Vegas: The Book Store

You all know how much I love a good book store…and with The Writer’s Block doing renovations it’s given me an opportunity to explore other places.

In early sobriety going to a book store was one of the first ‘safe places’ I was able to identify for myself.  A place where I didn’t ever feel tempted to drink.

Like the library, I usually head to the bookstore when I’m feeling a little rough around the edges in my anxiety.  When I feel overwhelmed by having been around too many humans in a particular week, when the news has me down, when I have an interaction that leaves me feeling upset–that’s when I retreat to books.


Recently I was able to visit The Book Store (formerly JANCO Books) on the west side of town at Charleston and Rancho.

I love the shopping center that The Book Store is in, and I hadn’t been over there for years! It’s home to one of the cutest little breakfast places, The Omelet House.

When I entered the store, both owner Brandi Madison and manager Vogue Robinson greeted me warmly and asked if I had any questions.


I had been an instagram follower of the shop, so I introduced myself!  Vogue was so sweet and welcomed me to sit and talk for awhile.

I was able to spend some time learning more about The Book Store and the community being created in this space.

The store hosts a number of events and workshops, and both Brandi and Vogue are active members of Las Vegas creative communities. Recently they’ve hosted workshops on small business marketing, sewing, jewelry making, as well as book release parties and author signings.


In case you’d like to stop in for a visit, store hours for the fall and winter are Tuesday – Friday from 11 am – 6:30 pm and Saturday from 11:00 am – 4:30 pm (closed on Sunday and Monday).

The Book Store also welcomes donations (as a lover of second hand books I think this is amazing!) and they’re currently accepting books with subject matter such as Poetry, Metaphysical, Self-Help, Queer and Gender Studies, Bibles, Dictionaries, Sci-Fi, the Occult, & African Traditional Religions.


If you’re looking for a bookstore that fosters community, I can’t recommend The Book Store enough.

Thank you Brandi and Vogue for creating such a special place in the Vegas Valley!

Thanks for reading and happy sobering friends!

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    1. right?! something so warm and comforting about a bookstore..especially in the digital age I feel I need them more and more. the coffee thing is hard! i am sorry that you’re not able to do coffee anymore…but perhaps a nice tea! 😀 ❤


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