Sober Mamas talk on The Compass Podcast

Recently I had something special happen–I got to record thoughts on being sober and becoming a mother with one of my oldest friends.

My friend Leah hosts The Compass Podcast, a show dedicated to talking with creatives about navigating the waters between art and commerce, and what they do when they feel themselves going to the dark side.

If you’d like to listen to our episode, you can do so here.

Cover artwork by yours truly from a few years ago when Leah first started The Compass.

Leah and I have known each other for over 15 years.  We’ve both worked in the arts, we’ve both struggled with times of depression and frustration, and we both decided to stop drinking before we had our kiddos.

The interesting thing we both found was that there weren’t a ton of narratives around mothers who had gotten sober prior to their pregnancy journey, which was the exact situation we both found ourselves in.

There were many resources and stories from mamas who had found their sobriety post baby (which is awesome!), but both of us had some feelings we wanted to talk through that related to beginning our sobriety journey prior to pregnancy.

Something Leah talks about in the episode that I thought was so dead on was the idea that for women, the 9 months they are pregnant doesn’t ‘count’ towards sobriety, since it’s something most people do.

As anyone who decides to make this life decision knows, it can be a lot of work. And even if a woman is pregnant and not drinking, she’s still doing the work to stay sober.

For me, one hard part of the pregnancy journey was that I felt similar to being hungover in my first trimester due to morning sickness. It created all kinds of anxiety and depression in my world because this was supposed to be such a happy time–but it ended up being triggering and emotional because it was bringing back so many terrible hangover memories for me.

I am so honored to have been able to have this conversation with Leah.  I hope it helps any other mamas out there who are venturing out on the parenting journey to know that they’re not alone in any sobriety struggles. ❤

Thanks for reading and happy sobering friends!