Sober in Vegas: Lee Canyon

Hey friends!

I should start this post with the truth…that I enjoyed the summertime offerings of Lee Canyon on the VERY LAST DAY of their summer season, so file this post under ‘things to enjoy next summer…!’

However, they also have MANY winter offerings I’m writing about Lee Canyon anyway. 😉

IMG_2891Lee Canyon (which is technically part of the Mt.Charleston area but a separate business) is located North and West of Vegas, coming from the Strip probably just over an hour.

During the summer months they offer hiking, disc golf, dining, and a really fantastic chair lift.

Honestly, in the summer however the most exciting thing Lee Canyon offers to Vegas locals and travelers are the cooler temperatures. Over Labor Day weekend when we visited the Vegas valley was in the lower 100’s, and up at Lee Canyon we were subject to a bit of a thunderstorm with temps in the 50’s. DURING THE DAY. It was a dream.


It had been awhile since I’d been up to Lee Canyon, the last time was a few years ago when we’d done the Bristlecone Pine Trail and I remembered really liking this area. In particular the Bristlecone trail is cool because the trees are some of the oldest living things on the planet. Yes, the planet. They have been here to see it all, and they’ll probably outlive me by hundreds of years. It feels incredible to hike alongside those wise and sage trees.

On our recent visit we were really just enjoying a baby free day (thanks to my mom for babysitting! Woot!), doing some light trail exploring, and riding the chair lift.

When my husband was younger he used to come up here for snowboarding, and he was a little wary of riding the chairlift ‘just for fun’.

But we both had a wonderful time, and he was quick to say how much he’d enjoyed it and how it really did feel like we were worlds away from the rest of the city.

IMG_2888We also got a bit to eat at the Bighorn Grill restaurant here–their summer menu offers a few different salad and grille options, but funnily enough we both opted for their Chicken Sandwich (not pictured on the menu here as sandwiches were on the back side!)

To eat outside in early September and not be boiled alive by the sun here in Vegas is such a treasure.

And even on the last day of the summer season here, the food was well prepared and the staff here was welcoming.

This winter I know my husband is planning to revisit his younger days and head up to do some snowboarding after over a decade of being away–and I’m hoping to make it up here with our baby for a snow play day!


I would recommend the drive up to Lee Canyon to anyone during summer days looking to enjoy cooler temperatures, and during the winter this is a great place to enjoy the snow without having to spend the night out of town.



Thanks for reading and happy sobering friends!