My solo show at the Winchester Cultural Center!

Does anyone else always find that they somehow attract little bits of paper…everywhere? All the time?

I am constantly having to clean out my desk area, kitchen, bags, my car from little pieces of paper I pick up throughout the day.

Well, I am (hopefully) putting my paper obsession to good use in my upcoming art show.


Made from watercolor cutouts and magazine clippings, each of the 34 collages are inspired by unwritten letters.

We so rarely receive something handmade—whether it’s a meal, a letter, or an object—when we receive an item that has been made for us we tend to cherish it.

Each collage on view has an opening line of text from a letter someone has been meaning to send.

I asked friends and family to give me the first line of a letter they’ve been writing in their heads for days, weeks or years but for one reason or another hadn’t yet taken the time to put pen to paper and send.

My hope is that these unsent lines would inspire you to send a letter yourself to someone you’ve meant to write.

In case you want to view a few more, here are some images….












Thank you for reading and sorry this is a short one…!

More Vegas fun once the art is hung and I can take a quick breath! : )

Happy sobering friends!

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