WellBeing Brewing Non-Alcoholic Beers in Review

Hey friends!

Summer is summering on with its long days and short nights, and in between working extra hours at my job and keeping up with our baby girl, we’ve spent this past weekend indoors.

What’s been really nice about spending time at home this weekend was finally having some time to cook and bake. I would never call myself anything more than someone who is in the kitchen for my own pleasure…I’m not a great chef or baker but I really enjoy it.

Since we had time to enjoy meals cooked at home it was also the perfect weekend to break open a six pack I have been waiting to try…don’t worry! I’m not backsliding! 😉

The six pack is from an incredible company called WellBeing Brewing here in the US based near St. Louis that is solely dedicated to Non Alcoholic Beers.





I have gotten to the point where I do not ever want to feel intoxicated again, but I miss the flavors of microbrews.

I was SO EXCITED (yes all caps) when I found WellBeing Brewing on Instagram because even though I’ve tried my fair share of NA beers and liked having them as an option at events or parties, none of them really tasted quite as good as the microbrews I used to enjoy back in the day.

Before I give you the low-down on both of their exceptional brews, I think it’s important to talk about their founder and their mission because I really appreciated both.

Their founder Jeff Stevens quit drinking in his 20’s and in his words:

“I drank NA beer. It saved me in many ways and it allowed me to participate fully in the fun and stay sober…Fast forward to today and an entire explosion of craft brewing has transformed the beer industry and yet, NA beer is still pretty much what it once was: not that great. The world has passed it by…Until now. We’re so excited to start the WellBeing Brewing Company, the country’s very first brewery solely dedicated to brewing Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer.”

I love that people who are sober are creating change in culture and working to expand options for other non-drinkers.

On the Why We Do This section of the site WellBeing goes on to say:

“First off, there are plenty of people who can’t drink alcohol for a variety of reasons

…We believe that craft beer without alcohol gives everyone a choice no matter the occasion. We want to be the designated driver. We want to be the person up early, clear headed and ready to tackle life. We want to have as much fun and make it home safely.”

I LOVE THIS. (Yes all caps again. Yes I’m yelling. I’m yelling because I’m so happy about this!)

I love that behind this product is the idea of choice, of inclusivity, of personal empowerment.

There are SO MANY REASONS someone may choose not to drink.

Not just sobriety–but there are times where I have friends who aren’t sober that appreciate a night off from drinking.

How about the fact that many women during pregnancy don’t drink alcohol?

Or people on restricted diets?

Or people with health issues?

Or people who have to wake up early the next morning?

Or people who don’t like being intoxicated at all?

So many more reasons…

So much of the culture is geared towards, “What’s wrong?” if you take a night off from drinking rather than, “Nice, good on you for taking care of yourself” right?!

I love that WellBeing offers a product that helps people choosing not to drink to feel included at an event.

Following along on their instagram the coolest thing I saw them do was offer options to designated drivers at festivals.

It seems to me the UK and Europe have been on the NA and Low Alcohol train for so much longer than we have, and I love that WellBeing is a US company working towards this goal.

well being SIV.gif
A little GIF I made of WellBeing’s brews!

Here in Las Vegas WellBeing is available at Total Wine, and you can also order their products online if it’s triggering for you to go to an alcohol retailer. I love the fact that it can ship door to door since it’s non alcoholic.  #soberwin

Anyway, onto the brews….

The first brew we tried was the Hellraiser NA Dark Amber.

The Hellraiser NA Dark Amber by WellBeing

Oh wow.

I don’t even know that I can express my happiness here with the amount of hops present in this beautiful little can!

Since stopping drinking the flavor I have had a really difficult time finding anywhere is the bitter flavor in an IPA.

I gotta say, this comes close to damn near perfect.

My husband, who still drinks on occasion, noted that with this type of NA brew he really could probably be happy not drinking again!

We had a really nice heart to heart about how so much of the time when someone pours a drink, it’s really about the idea of ‘unwinding’ or having a ‘treat’.

What I loved about the conversation is that for him, he felt like this NA brew was so good that it was treat enough–who needs alcohol?!

Heavenly body
The Heavenly Body NA Golden Wheat by WellBeing

The Heavenly Body NA Golden Wheat is the other brew offered by WellBeing, and I love this as a summer refresher!

We had this with dinner…it was light and crisp and perfect for an early summer evening together.

I should mention that I received this six pack in exchange for an honest post about my thoughts on their product, but I can say without the slightest hesitation that our house will be a big supporter of this company.

Thank you Wellbeing Brewing for doing what you do!

well being side by side.jpg
Happy sobering this summer friends! Make mine NA please!





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  1. I have no problem drinking, NA beer. I wish we had more options when we go out! All they offer is usually just one kind.
    I can’t find any NA different brands in stores here, either.

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    1. wellbeings whole mission is to change that!! they have a bunch of places they’re served (listed on their website) and sold throughout the US!! even restaurants & bars!! 🙌 hooray for options right?! 🤩

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        1. Hahahah classic. I got some issues coming back last time and had to go thru border security & now I’m probably flagged lol. I threw away the declaration paper not realizing I still needed it to leave the baggage area… whoops. Amateur lol, but I don’t remember needing one or being checked a second time after grabbing my luggage 2 years ago so….

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