Motherhood, Maternity Leave Ending, & Medication

Today is my last day of maternity leave.

In some ways it’s gone by so quickly, and in others, it has felt like the longest weeks of my life.

For any new parents or soon to be parents out there, here are a few things I wish I’d known in no particular order:

  • One day at a time.  If today is terrible, that’s okay. You made it through, and tomorrow will probably be better.
  • You may not feel an instant bond with your little one. You may feel nothing. You may feel overwhelmed. All of those feelings are valid and more normal and common than you realize.
  • Ask for help. Tell people how they can help you. Tell them you need food, help with chores, or for them to come over and hold the baby so you can nap.
  • You will resent your partner at some point. Whether you gave birth or you supported someone giving birth, at some point in those first weeks you will resent each other. What matters is that you talk about it, work through it, cry through it, and grow stronger.  It doesn’t mean either of you are bad people.
  • Medication to help with post partem depression or anxiety (for either parent) can be life changing. I have struggled with depression for years and had always been able to manage it either with yoga, hiking, sobriety, friendships, diet changes, etc. But with a newborn all of those coping mechanisms were gone and I imploded. I can’t begin to describe the relief and clear mind I received when I went on medication a few weeks ago. When you have a newborn you are your most raw–and it’s not weak or selfish to get help.

I’m looking forward to exploring Las Vegas with the little one and seeing the city through a whole new lens–the good, the bad, and the everyday.

Here’s to new beginnings and allowing each day to be a fresh start. ❤

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Thanks for reading and happy sobering friends!

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