Sober in Vegas: Miracles are Brewing… Fellow Sober Vegas Local Carly Benson

Hello out there,

My soul is still just so heavy with the events of this past week.

My heart is with the victims and families of those present at the event on Sunday night and all those who experienced trauma that evening.

I try not to be political here, and all I can say is that I hope there can be a bi-partisan effort to review and consider options to prevent this from happening in the future.

The post that was queued up for this week is a bit time sensitive, and I’d like to go ahead and share it with you.

A fellow Vegas local, Carly Benson, is putting together something cool and different–and you know I love to support local Vegas folk.

She’s created a support program that will begin it’s online component next week.

It’s for people who are going through big life changes–whether it be sobriety, moving towards intentional living, working towards being more mindful, or any other kind of large life change, her program is intended to support you.

It’s called The Art of Intentional Living and the goal of the program is to help people get more in tune with who they are, what they truly desire, how they want to show up in the world and provide them with the tools they need to do so.

In Carly’s words:

“…The reason I created this program is because I have a lot of people that come to me but can’t afford my 1:1 coaching rates, so I wanted to make a more affordable entry point into working with me as well as create a supportive community for people who are coming on the journey.

carly pic.jpg
Carly, the creator of Miracles are Brewing

I truly believe the root of all transformation is based off of intention. This means we must understand our values, beliefs & desires because those core foundations produce our intentions. The program is designed to help people define what this is for them, to teach them to be willing to sit with themselves and to identify what they need to support them on their path.

This is a supportive environment to all kinds of life changes, including but not limited to sobriety…”

I also asked her to answer a few questions about living in Las Vegas as a fellow sober person:

What do you think Vegas has to offer people who are sober?

 Vegas is such a beautiful city outside of the party scene and it has to much more to offer than just that. I know it can seem scary to visit Vegas if you are sober, especially newly sober, but it is one of the most amazing places to enjoy top notch food, incredible shows, explore hotels and relax at insane spas. The yoga, health and wellness community here in Las Vegas is super strong and there are SO many wellness events throughout the valley every single week for anyone to come, and most are free.

If you had a sober friend visiting Vegas, what is one thing you’d recommend on The Strip?

The Mandarin Tea Lounge. By far one of my favorite spots and a MUST SEE.

Off the Strip?

Red Rock National Park. I love the Calico Tanks trail and it has a fantastic view of the strip when you get to the end.

 Also, Silent Savasana. This is a yoga movement that has a weekly event at different locations off of the strip where 500-700 yogis come together for a very unique yoga experience where we do yoga at sunset with headphones on to live music. Even if you are not a practicing yogi, this is event you must check out.

Any overall travel tips to sober folks visiting Vegas?

You can come here and have a fabulous time without any alcohol very easily. It’s not as scary as it seems, I promise. And, remember that Vegas, just like any city, is what you make it. What you seek, you shall find.

FYI for Vegas Locals:

There is also a LIVE workshop that will be a very abbreviated version of the 5 week program on 10/15 at TruFusion Summerlin, which will culminate with a yoga practice. All info is on their website to sign up. (Please note: this is separate from the group coaching) 

If you’d like to find out more about Carly, her work, and the classes feel free to start here:

Thank you for reading, and happy sobering friends.

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  1. We love vegas. I have enjoyed it much more sober.
    I love the climate. I’m willing to drive. Things are easy to get to.

    I see vegas changing into a less boozy destination with the addition of the golden nights and eventually the raiders.

    The strip seems nicer too. Fremont can’t be for the partiers.

    It’s a lovely city.

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