Update from Vegas

Hi All,

Some of you emailed and some of you commented, I wanted to write a quick note to say I am physically safe here in Las Vegas and thank you so much for checking in.


I want to keep this post short and informative for you all.

  • If you are looking to donate, Steve Sisolak has created a GoFundMe to raise money for the victims and their families here.
  • If you are a local and would like to make an appointment to donate blood, these are some organizations where you can do so in the Vegas area.
  • Vegas Seven has put together a very comprehensive list of information here that includes how to search for loved ones that may be missing, flight assistance information, and other donation options.

Thank you again for your kind comments and emails.


Sober in Vegas


8 thoughts on “Update from Vegas

  1. Great information. A friend said he went to give blood and has to wait 3 weeks for an appointment because so many people have turned out. What a wonderful problem for our city to have!

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    1. Yes, it makes me feel very proud of the locals here in Las Vegas. I drove by United Blood Services yesterday and it was still packed! Sadly I can’t donate right now because of the baby, but I am trying to find other ways to give supplies, money, and time to those in need. ❤

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