Sober in Vegas: Whoops, now I know….

So I accidentally deleted the First Friday post! 🙁

Not sure if any of you have ever seen something in Drafts that was actually published, but sadly I thought I was deleting an old draft post on First Friday but instead deleted the real post!

I may try and salvage the post, and if any of you follow via email and happen to have the text and would be willing to forward it to me I’d be eternally grateful! #facepalm

Thanks friends and hope you’re having a spectacular weekend ❤️

11 thoughts on “Sober in Vegas: Whoops, now I know….

  1. If you send them a message (WordPress), they will most likely recover it for you if you ask nicely and explain what happened. Bc it happened over the wknd (I assume??), the post is going thru the deletion process and sitting in a queue I believe so it won’t actually be deleted yet until after the weekend. I hope!! Good luck lady 💜🌷

  2. Praying for the city you’ve so beautifully explored and shared with all of us. I’m glad you’re safe. My heart is breaking with you ♥

  3. WordPress saves the last 25 saved drafts. You have to get to the admin section when you sign in. I had four posts disappear and they were restored. Good luck! Hope you are safe as well.

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