Breakfast at Babystacks

Before today’s post, I wanted to bring up a few things over the past few weeks that are bringing me joy:

This Podcast Episode of Death Sex & Money: Husband and Wife musicians Jason Isbell & Amanda Shires talk about sobriety (Jason is sober 5 years), life changes with a little one (they just had a baby), and the pain of breakups.

–SNL is starting back up this weekend! AHHHH!!! I missed it so much this summer.

–The Art in #DTLV for Life Is Beautiful: Downtown is looking mighty amazing with all kinds of fresh paint and artwork. I’m hoping to get some photos in the next few weeks and write a post all about the new art in the area.

It’s been a little bit since I’ve written about food, so as fall creeps in, I figure this is a good time to do a post about some of my favorite breakfast comfort food here in Vegas, Babaystacks Cafe.

The exterior of the Babystacks Cafe on the Northwest side of town

As a sober person, and not sure if you other sober folk feel the same way, I’d much prefer to meet up with a friend for breakfast than dinner.

I know some folks really loved their morning bevs, but it’s definitely much more of a trigger for me to do later meals, which is why I love meeting up for brunch or breakfast.

In addition, Babystacks (at least at the Northwest location) doesn’t serve alcoholic beverages–woo!

Another alcohol-free place to add to the list!

Interior of the Babystacks Cafe on the Northwest side

There are a few locations of Babystacks throughout the valley:

  • Summerlin (North and West)
  • Spring Valley (Central and West) FYI for out of towners this is probably the closest one to the Strip
  • Centennial Hills (Far North)
  • Henderson (Near the Galleria Mall)
A view of some of the sweeter offerings Babystacks has…mmmmmm

Do beware that on weekend mornings you may have to wait a bit–this place was hopping when we went on a Saturday.

Design your own omelette with well cooked hash browns…my fave!

The prices here are really fair for the portions you get–and one thing that’s fun with the pancakes and french toast is you can mix and match their toppings and syrups for a small additional charge.

Generous portions as you can see above….

Babystacks was a great way to spend a weekend morning….we will definitely be going back and I’m looking forward to trying some of the other locations throughout the valley.

Hope you enjoyed another alcohol-free place to add to your Vegas list!

Thanks for reading and happy sobering friends!

7 thoughts on “Breakfast at Babystacks

  1. I was there at the life is Beautiful festival.
    I wouldn’t go back…I found it way too focused on booze and partying. I guess festivals in Vegas are brighter and louder…like everything else. Gorillaz were awesome.
    We went to Brooklyn now, one night to see Danzig. He was awesome and it was an excellent venue. They even had gluten free fried chicken. And it was AMAZING.

    The reality is I’m too old for Fremont street…and my kids, who were with us…are too young.

    I wish I had see baby stacks sooner. Next time!


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    1. Oh Anne! I so hear you on the Life is Beautiful front…ever since getting sober it’s SO HARD for me to go to concerts, much less music festivals…my sympathies are with you! I am glad Brooklyn Bowl/Danzig was good (that is one of the few venues I can go to sober and feel comfortable!) I also totally hear you about Fremont Street–that is a place I love going to see the neon, but it is full of triggers for me so I have to tread lightly….if you are ever back in town again and need help trip planning I am always happy to help! ❤ hope you got home safe and sound, and thanks for your comment!

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