Sober in Vegas: Things that are making me happy this week

It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to put a post like this together, so the fact that I have time to sit down and write this is making me happy!

First off, it’s rainy season finally here in Vegas.  Every year since I can remember late July and early August means rain in the desert.


The desert rain also has such a unique smell-fresh and clean, I think it’s because of the Creosote bush that covers most of the land here.

Here are the other things bringing joy, in no particular order:

  • This article on the Kitchn’s website…24 Things to Do with Friends Besides Hitting a Bar: Just a nice reminder of all the different things to spend time doing that don’t involve alcohol…
  • Milk Street Radio: This podcast is a perfect summer listen. Engaged, thoughtful, well curated and well rounded, it takes on so many different issues surrounding food and has a rotating cast of guests.
  • The Tiny Buddha website: Whenever I’m feeling cranky I just pull this up, do a bit of reading, and viola, feeling MUCH better!
  • Break Up with Alcohol: Not only is their instagram calming and dreamy, I love all the resources they’ve taken the time to put together for sober folk.
  • 5 places to get a cup of tea in Vegas: Love this article that Las Vegas Weekly put together a few months ago!

Just a short entry today–trying to get back in the habit of writing more after the past two months of unreliability. 😉

Thanks for reading and happy sobering friends!

15 thoughts on “Sober in Vegas: Things that are making me happy this week

    1. it’s the best! When I moved to the midwest for college after the first rain I was so confused…I kept asking, “Why does it smell different here?!” Answer: Creosote!!! : D

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  1. HEY soberinvegas! I just wanted to tell you that you came up in conversation that I had with my adventure partner on the weekend. We were talking about taking a trip in Sept/Oct and trying to find somewhere fun & different to go for a few days and Vegas was thrown in as a suggestion. I said “If we do, we have to rent a car because there’s a blog that I follow where she has some AWESOME suggestions for things to do and see off the strip!). I’ve been going through your blog posts and writing down ideas (I have 12 already hahaha). Now I have to break them down into day trips – ie one day do things from Vegas out towards Lake Mead/ Hoover Dam, one day towards red rock canyon, etc. Also, question for you – any idea why the hotel prices would skyrocket around the last week of Sept and into the first few weeks of October? I’m thinking that it’s maybe because of NHL preseason?

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    1. hi hi hi! first off, please feel free to also email me at vegassober (at) gmail if you want to talk more specifics or need tailored advice! 🙂 second, I am so honored–thank you for your kind words! regarding hotel prices, hmmm…there might be a fight (that makes prices soar), NHL will start affecting pricing too, and in September there’s also the Life is Beautiful music festival…also, those two months have really great weather so prices go up around that time…and the final thing that can affect it is conferences..there may be a big conference here that weekend(s) 😉 but i always suggest staying in henderson or boulder city as a backup–especially if you have a car! the drive in from those places to the strip can be between 15-30 minutes so it’s really not too bad! 🙂 so excited that you liked it enough to come back!!! ❤

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