Bruce Trent Park Farmer’s Market 

Hi friends!

Back from a very long month of work and feeling so happy to be writing.

So, I know in other parts of the country winter is the time for hibernation…in some ways Vegas’ summer is when we locals find ourselves holed up inside.


But I braved the heat for a great local farmers market at Bruce Trent Park on the Northwest side of town and I am so glad I did!

Looking down the path of vendors

The Las Vegas Farmers Market has several locations and days that it sets up shop, this particular location runs Wednesdays from 4pm-8pm.

Handmade pastry and treats!

Other locations around the valley are in Summerlin on Saturday mornings, at Floyd Lamb State Park every other Saturday, and Gardens Park on Thursday evenings.

There’s also a separate company that runs a Farmers Market in the downtown Fremont area on Friday mornings which you can see more about here and I can’t wait to check out sometime!


The vendors here were excited to talk about their products and produce (despite the heat) and many of them also offered samples or were able to answer questions about how their items were grown or produced.

Always a favorite…local honey

Also, something I saw that made me SO HAPPY as a sober person was Nitro Coffee on Tap!!

There are so very few things on tap that are alcohol-free and this was such a delight!

Something without booze on tap? Yes please!

In addition to the vendors under tents, the Farmers Market at Bruce Trent also features an array of different food trucks featuring snack food items, deep fried treats, and snow cones.

Food trucks galore and plenty of places to sit and enjoy

One thing I thought was a really nice touch was the live music.  I’m not sure if the other locations also have live music (I’ll have to check them out and report back!) but at Bruce Trent they’ve got a live band playing upbeat covers of classic rock, which just adds a fun vibe to the whole market.

Playing all the hits!

And of course I had to buy a few items to take home myself…and don’t worry, I chose a balance of snacks and fruit! 😉

I can’t even begin to tell you how hard it was not to eat all of these at once…
And had to balance out my cookie intake with some delicious fruit..the cherries and plums were perfection

I can’t wait to check out the other locations and see how the vendors differ from place to place and which vendors are at all the locations.

Hope you all have a great week!

Thanks for reading and happy sobering friends!

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