Recess Italian Ice

If you’ve been following along for any amount of time you know this…I love a good treat.

Ice cream, donuts, pastry…the things of my dreams, and I especially like meeting up for a snack with friends instead of a meetup at a bar.

With the weather starting to warm up, it seemed like a good time to tell you all about one of my favorite new alcohol-free places, Recess Italian Ice.

The exterior of Recess

Located on the Southwest side of town at the 215 and Tropicana (just south of Tropicana on Fort Apache) it sits about 20 minutes from The Strip.

Small but mighty…and there is outdoor seating as well

My hub and I have been a few times in the past couple of months, and every single time we’ve gone the staff has been INCREDIBLE.

They greet you when you enter, they ask if you have questions, they offer taste samples, they tell you about the different flavors, they ask what kind of flavors you normally enjoy to help you make a decision, and they seem to genuinely LIKE being there!

They convinced me…I had to try it!

The menu here is extensive.

They offer both non-dairy Italian Ice, as well as Custard. And the best part is they specialize in putting the two together for a parfait combo.

The staff working to make everything just so…they really care about customer experience!

I had seen a flurry of Instagram pictures of their Taiyaki, which is a warm pastry with a cake consistency in the shape of a fish.

The flavors that Recess offers as of now are Green Tea, Red Velvet, Taro and Black Sesame.

My first Taiyaki

You have the option for the Taiyaki of getting a Nutella filling inside of the cake bottom.

I opted to try the Taro Taiyaki without Nutella filling with a Green Tea Custard on top, complete with Pocky.

It was amazing.

So amazing that I considered getting a second one…but ultimately decided against it because I didn’t want to end the night with a stomach ache!

But it was VERY hard to resist getting a second…..and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t actually dream about it.

The custard and Italian ice combo

My husband opted for the Snickers with Vanilla Custard.  When he brought it over I was like “Whatever…” and then I tried a bite.

I could hardly even deal with how good it was.

I was especially surprised by how flavorful the chocolate Italian Ice was….I think most times I’ve had Italian Ice it’s either been too sweet or too watery.

The texture of this was almost velvety..and the flavor was subtle instead of sugary.

Truly, a perfect dessert.

Don’t worry, we’ll be back!

The combination of great service and perfect product is a delightful find here in Vegas, and I look forward to bringing friends here to enjoy as well.

Thanks for reading and happy sobering friends!

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  1. WHATTTTTT???!!! This place looks amazing!! Their decor is so simple and yet welcoming and fun (I LOVE those hanging lights!). I checked out their menu and I’m wondering how you even decided what to have. I would be standing there for half an hour going “umm… umm… maybe the.. no wait, I think the… uurghhh, how many different flavours can you fit on there?!”
    Thanks for sharing another great place! 😀

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