A stroll through Tivoli Village

Before I get into today’s post, I wanted to ask if anyone else has read Her Best-Kept Secret: Why Women Drink And How They Can Regain Control by Gabrielle Glaser?

her best kept.jpg

I’m about 3 chapters in and it has been really interesting to learn about the history of drinking in the US (not only for women) and then how women’s interests factored into the marketing of certain types of alcohol.

Just curious if anyone else out there had picked this up… 😉

And now…onto an adventure over to Tivoli Village!

It’s not often that I spend much time shopping, but every now and again there is a birthday in my circle of family & friends or a project that comes up that requires a trip out to make a purchase.

And if I’m going to take a trip for shopping, why not at least go somewhere new, right?

I recently made my first trip to Tivoli Village, an outdoor shopping mall on the northwest side of Las Vegas (about a 20-25 minute drive from The Strip).

tivoli looking towards mountains.jpg
Looking down the street at Tivoli Village

As I mentioned I’m not a big shopper, but there were two shops that I really enjoyed stopping in and perusing the goods.

The first was Paper Source.   Although this store is a chain, I find that they always have a great selection of thoughtful and fun items to give to friends as gifts.

And the also carry a huge amount of envelopes and paper (duh) for when you get the letter writing bug (which has become a re-discovered hobby of mine since getting sober! woo for having hobbies again!)

A view of Paper Source’s entryway 
Paper Source + Lights = Love

The other store I really enjoyed, which I had never been to before, was Gypsy05.

Based out of LA, the company is founded by a brother and sister, Osi and Dotan Shoham, and their facilities are solar powered and focus on using low environmental impact dye-processes for their clothing.

An interior view at Gypsy05 looking out

In addition to clothing, this location has candles, accessories, and housewares–many of these are made locally and sustainably here in the US or fair-trade (if manufactured outside of the US).

Clothing from Gypsy05 produced with solar power and low-impact dying processes in Los Angeles

In addition to the really awesome practices of this company, I need to mention how friendly the staff here was.

They were warm and welcoming and went out of their way to tell me about the products–where and how they were made and the ethical views of the company.

House and homewares available at Gypsy05

After a few stores I was ready for a snack. There are two places I found to be either very sober-friendly or alcohol-free.

The first was Pressed Juicery.

If you couldn’t guess from the name they mostly focus on fresh pressed juices (although they do have a few pre-packaged snacks available for purchase) like Gypsy05 I found the staff to be knowledgable and friendly. Oh, and alcohol-free!

pressed exterior.jpg
The exterior of Pressed Juicery

The other place I found to be really Sober-Friendly was Leoné Café.

leone exterior.jpg
An exterior view of Leoné Café

This is an Italian style café that focuses mainly on breakfast and lunch, and has a great menu full of moderately priced meals, sandwiches, and salads.

They also have an extensive drink menu (that includes some great alcohol-free options) which features espresso drinks as well as smoothies.

Leone interior.jpg
Leoné Café was hopping on the Saturday I stopped by Tivoli Village

I found that shopping here was a very pleasant experience.

The outdoor element, along with really great customer service everywhere I went made it easy for me to avoid wanting to drink.

I will warn you there are a number of sit down restaurants here that back in my drinking days I would have wanted to stop at–but since there were so many sober-friendly alternatives I really enjoyed the morning at Tivoli Village.

A view of the mountains from the sidewalk at TV

Thanks for reading, and Happy Sobering friends!

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