James Turrell’s Akhob

Recently a friend and I had the opportunity to visit a very special secret place on the Strip….hidden deep within the walls of the Louis Vuitton at The Shops at Crystals in James Turrell’s Akhob.

louis v front of store.jpg
The exterior of Louis Vuitton at Crystals

James Turrell, who is known for his work with light, space and color, creates what I think of more as ‘experiences’ than traditional artwork.

Over the years I’ve seen few pieces and installations by Turrell, but Akhob is was by far my favorite of them all.

A reservation to see the artwork is required, and you should plan on booking at least month or two in advance.  You can make a reservation by calling (702) 730-3150. (FYI they are closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.)

Once you’ve got your date scheduled, you should plan at least an hour or two for the experience since the your Louis Vuitton guide will show you other contemporary artwork throughout the store and give you a brief history of the company.

After your tour of the store, you’ll be taken up a secret elevator and asked to sign a safety waiver/release form, and you’ll be asked to remove your shoes and put on disposable booties.

You’ll then walk up a small set of stairs and enter Akhob.


I’m here to tell you–it was worth it.

Akhob-2013-Florian Holzherr.jpg
Note: This is not my photo! Pictures or recording of any kind are not permitted in the exhibit. This photo is from James Turrell’s website.                                                                       Photo Credit: Florian Holzherr

The space feels intimate and dream-like.  Turrell’s understanding of atmosphere and color are rivaled by few, if any, contemporary artists.

And the thing that is so incredible about this artwork is it’s free.  Most of his work is available in museum collections often costing $10-$25 admission to the museum collection.

We have free access to his artwork here in Las Vegas!  And it’s been covered nationally by the likes of Vice and W Magazine!

A sweet little card I received from the staff a few weeks after visiting!

If you’re looking to have a truly unique art experience while you’re in Las Vegas, I can’t recommend a visit here enough.

It’s one of the few peaceful places on The Strip, and although it does require some planning, it’ll be one of the highlights of your travels here.

Thanks for reading and happy sobering friends!

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