Taco y Taco

Summer in Vegas is a few things.

It’s hot.

It’s long.

It’s when pretty much everyone is cranky.

I know when I lived in Chicago the hardest months for me were April & May because it felt like it should be spring but then I’d wake up to a dusting of snow and the sadness would set in that it would still be weeks before trees would be blooming or it was warm enough to walk outside with just a light jacket.

But in Vegas I feel like August and September are hard because as the rest of the country is getting ready for pumpkin spice and sweaters, I’m realizing that it’s at least another 10 weeks of triple digits.

How do I cope?

Swimming, libraries, and TACOS.


One of my all time favorite restaurants in Las Vegas also happens to be one of my summer havens.

Taco Y Taco on the east side of town at Tropicana and Pecos and is where I go when I’m feeling sad about the heat outside.


Whether I’m wanting to get something quick to go, or sit down and enjoy a meal, I love Taco Y Taco because they are affordable, freshly made street tacos, and even offer vegetarian and vegan options!

img_7149.jpgThey have multiple ordering stations (that’s what each of these signs are for…) so depending on which tacos you want to order, that’s the line you should get in.

We usually go as a family, so I go to the vegetarian line to order my tacos and everyone’s sides, and someone else usually goes to Lines 1, 2 or 3 to get the non-veggie options for the rest of the family!

All of the food is made right when you order, and you are able to watch as everything is being made.

The staff at Taco Y Taco have always been personable and kind…and I love eating at places where you can actually SEE your food being prepared.

FYI for sober folks like myself: they do serve beer/wine here, but they don’t have a bar at the Tropicana & Pecos location, so overall I find it one of the more sober friendly restaurants in town!


After you’ve gotten your food, they offer a salsa bar complete with pickled vegetables, beans, fresh limes, and multiple salsas options.

And, they often have specials during the afternoon where many options are half-price–SUPER SCORE for folks on a budget!


The seating area is kid-friendly, which these days make life much simpler for me…I have no problem finding space for the stroller to park next to the table.

I appreciate also that they don’t usually have TV’s blasting–instead, more often than not it’s the sounds of music and other families enjoying their dinner.

Two of the vegetarian taco options…YUMMMMM!

Triple digit summer nights are so much more bearable with delicious tacos…and I should also mention this place is right across the street from the Tropicana Dollar Cinemas, making it the perfect location for an ultra low cost date night.

Hope you all are having a relaxing summer so far…and if you’re in a cooler climate…please send me your coldest thoughts through September! 😉

Thanks for reading and happy sobering friends!



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