Belvoir Fruit Farms Review

Summer is here in full force…basically all I can bring myself to do outside of rallying to get to work on time is walk down the block to the pool or lay on the floor under the A/C with our baby girl and our two cats, all of whom are also trying to hide from the triple digit temps these days.

And for the past few weeks our A/C was broken which was a total delight with a 6 month old. Can you hear my sarcasm? 😉

But thankfully all is much better after this past weekend!

The A/C got fixed and I finally had the chance to enjoy a special little package that Belvoir Fruit Farms sent my way for a product review.

A GIF for your enjoyment of all four flavors

If you follow along on my instagram you know that I love a good alcohol-free beverage. Whether it’s a sparkling water, coffee, kombucha, or fruit based drink, I enjoy diverse flavors…which was something that took me a bit to realize I missed when I stopped drinking alcohol.

For a while I stuck mostly to sparkling waters out of habit, but in the past six months I’ve started experimenting with soft-cocktails (alcohol-free) and mocktails.

I realized that one of the things I did miss a little about alcoholic beverages was drink mixing…not the alcohol itself, but experimenting with different flavors. And I especially love doing that when we host others for dinner, which we do almost weekly.

That being said–I was really looking forward to testing out the four flavors of beverages Belvoir Fruit Farms had sent over.

Elderflower & Rose Lemonade

As I was going to open them I noticed the artwork–each of the flavors has been carefully designed.  Even the detail of artwork on the inside of the label that you can see inside of the bottle…I love little artistic touches like that! 

The first flavor was their Elderflower and Rose Lemonade.  It was subtle, not too sweet, and perfect on it’s own without anything mixed in.

Cucumber & Mint with fresh cucumber

The second flavor we tried was the Cucumber Mint Pressé. This was my brother in law’s favorite (we shared them one night when we were hosting dinner!) and we all loved that this flavor was cool and refreshing…a dream in the Vegas heat.

Elderflower Pressé with strawberries

The third flavor was Elderflower Pressé. I was a tiny bit skeptical because I wondered if it would just taste the same as the Elderflower Rose Lemonade, but it very much its own unique flavor. The lemon juice that they’ve mixed in gives it a nice tart punch and I added some muddled strawberries…and at that point I was pretty much in sober beverage heaven.

The ginger beer with lemon

The fourth and final flavor was my absolute favorite…the ginger beer. Now I’m sure you’re thinking, “Yeah, yeah, a ginger beer…I get it…” because that’s what I was thinking too. I kinda was not really excited to try it…but holy sh$%.

It is now my favorite ginger beer I have EVER had. Which is saying something. It was really really spicy and just the right amount of sweet. With a little bit of fresh lemon juice it was the perfect zing. My husband also had some of this one and LOVED it.

I should mention that here in the US I’ve found their products for sale at Whole Foods and World Market, and you can also purchase online through Lucky Vitamin, Amazon, and Fresh Direct.  And as I mentioned before, they sent me this variety in exchange for an honest review here on my blog.

I’m looking forward to more summer dinners sharing new flavors with the family when we host at our house…and it feels great to know that I’ll wake up hangover and guilt free the next morning.

Hope you all are having a beautiful summer so far–stay cool out there and happy sobering friends!




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