Sober-Friendly Strip Tips #10, The Wildlife Habitat at The Flamingo

I love the Strip–any of you following along here know that even though I grew up here, I am still as enamored with Las Vegas Boulevard as any tourist is!

The problem is though that I can get overwhelmed easily.

I’m an introvert that enjoys being in a lively environment with others….to a point.

At some point I usually hit a wall and become ‘over-peopled’ and need to retreat for a bit before I can come back into the mix of things.


Knowing this about myself, I try to take note of quiet places I come across when visiting the Strip.

On a recent trip I stopped by the Wildlife Habitat at The Flamingo and it was the perfect place to take a breather.


I love the Flamingo for a few reasons:

  • Having opened in 1946 they’re the oldest casino on the strip
  • The story of their opening is a blend of awesome Vegas history and mob folklore which you can read more about here
  • Film pop culture abounds! The 1960 Ocean’s 11 as well as Viva Las Vegas were filmed at The Flamingo, and the film Bugsy depicts Bugsy Siegel’s involvement with the casino (although it’s not totally historically accurate…!)


I also like that the casino is positioned right next to the Linq Promenade, one of my favorite places to bring folks visiting town.

After a stroll through the promenade and some yoga on the high roller this is the perfect peaceful evening bookend.


The Wildlife Habitat is free and offers benches for sitting and lots of photo ops, and it’s a great option if you’re traveling with little ones.


Having this as an option to enjoy when I’m out and about on the Strip is a refuge…a quiet place far from the hustle and bustle.

With waterfalls, birds, turtles, and walking paths it feels like worlds away from the chaos and glitter just a few yards away out on Las Vegas Blvd.


Afterwards you can stop by the classic Paradise Garden Buffet and enjoy the view while dining–all your Vegas bucket list needs in one stop!

Thanks for reading and happy sobering friends!

6 thoughts on “Sober-Friendly Strip Tips #10, The Wildlife Habitat at The Flamingo

  1. I love wandering through the grounds at the Flamingo, and like you I also love it’s history. We have stayed there several times for those reasons and also it has such a great location on the strip!

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    1. and it’s really affordable! and you’re so right–best location on the strip, right smack dab in the middle! 🙂 thanks for reading and hope you are doing well out there!!

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  2. Cool!
    I just got home from a super quick vegas trip.
    The mob museum was fun!
    And I saw Hamilton at the smith centre. It was amazing. Absolutely amazing.
    Go. It’s worth every penny!

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    1. yes! that is awesome! i love the mob museum : ) And if I had the pennies for Hamilton, I would BE THERE! For now….just listening in envy to the soundtrack on spotify 😉

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