The El Cortez

So here’s the thing.

If you live in Las Vegas, you’re going to have visitors.

And most of those visitors, if they’ve never been here before, are going to want to go into a casino. At least for a quick visit.

And…if you are sober, that can be hard.

What’s a sober person to do?

My solution–The El Cortez

Yes, this casino has alcohol. And smoke. And slot machines.

But, here are some of the reasons this is my go-to instead of many other casinos:

  • It’s small. You can get in and out having seen everything in under half an hour (much less if you’re only doing a walk through)
  • It’s historical. It’s been open since 1941, one of the longest continuously operating in Vegas.
  • It has slots that still operate with coins. These days most casinos only have paper voucher machines, and there’s a certain nostalgia to the coin operated ones here.
  • Naked City Pizza & Siegel’s 1941, two resturaunts that although they serve alcohol, don’t have a ‘bar’ feel that many casino restaurants have. 
  • Cheap massage. Yup, they’ve got reflexology starting at $20 here. All that anxiety you’re feeling about staying sober can melt away!

I feel like after years of navigating casinos Downtown, on the Strip, and in the suburbs, The El Cortez is one I actually really enjoy sharing with people who are visiting.

After your guests have had their fill of the casino, you’re also close to East Fremont which has local shops, cafes, and restaurants so you can take a walk and enjoy some fresh air.

Thanks for reading and happy sobering friends!

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