Sober Friendly Strip Tips #9, Guardian Angel Cathedral

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I am continuing to try and do a bit shorter posts in order to accommodate taking care of the lil’ one and still be able to blog–so thanks for understanding while I’m still figuring out this new life. 🙂

Today’s post features the Guardian Angel Cathedral, an A-Frame Catholic church built in 1963 thanks to a land donation from Moe Dalitz.

Sober in Vegas Activity Category: Sober Friendly Strip Tips

Time Needed: 30 mins-1 hour

Proximity to Strip: Located near the intersection of Las Vegas Blvd & Desert Inn

Alcohol-Free or Sober-Friendly: Alcohol-Free

Designed by architect Paul Revere Williams, the unique building is worth a stop for anyone interested in modern architecture.


I feel like I should mention that I’m not Catholic, but found this church to be a welcome respite from the busy day outside on the Las Vegas Strip.


And if the exterior wasn’t enough to draw you in, the art and stained glass design by sisters Edith & Isabel Piczek inside make even a quick drop in worth it.


It’s been a goal of mine to find quiet places on the strip–and this is maybe my favorite discovery in this category so far.

I know for me while I’m traveling, especially if it’s with a large group of people, sometimes I need to go on a solo expedition and hide for a bit.

This would be the perfect place to do that if you’re an introvert and stuck on a group trip to Vegas.

back of church.jpg

Easily accessible by foot if you’re staying on the strip, the church also has ample free parking if you’re staying further away and want to make the trek via car.  

I hope you’ll take the time to explore the Guardian Angel next time you’re visiting–and if you’re a local, don’t be like me and wait years to come here!

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