China Lights Festival

Today’s post is a limited time alcohol-free event that was too amazing not to write about!

On the north side of town at Craig Ranch Regional Park (which I should mention is an incredible park even when it’s not hosting this event) through the end of February is the China Lights Festival.

The Welcome Gate to the China Lights Festival

There are over 40 lanterns (each of which have a station number) at the festival along the walking paths at the park. Each lantern is hand made from welded metal, colored silk, and have been hand painted.

Station 4: Peonies 

The Festival is open every night of the week except for Mondays, and admission for adults is $20 (although there are a few deals floating around…we found a pretty good one on Groupon!)

Station 32: Sea of Flowers

There are a few food vendors, and on Saturday evening when we attended there were live music and dance performances as well.

Station 21: Dinosaur Park
Lanterns on the water

One thing I think is worth mentioning–the lines to enter on a weekend evening were long.

The line to purchase tickets was probably an hour wait, and we’d pre-purchased tickets and were able to be in a separate line, and it was still about a half hour wait to enter the park.

That being said, I would make sure to have eaten beforehand so no one feels uncomfortable or cranky while waiting to enter. 🙂

Station 2: Panda Paradise

Between parking, waiting in line, and enjoying the lights I’d budget about 3-4 hours for the evening.

Station 8: The Sea Tunnel

If you live locally here in Vegas, I hope you’ll have a chance to go see the Chinese Lights Festival.

It was one of the most unique and enjoyable nights free of the temptation to drink I’ve had in a very long time!

Thank you for reading and happy sobering friends!

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