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I am so excited to have a few minutes to update today–little one is sleeping in the basinet near me and I’m taking advantage of these moments to write. I’ve missed writing on this blog so much that I’m giving up the possibility of an hour of sleep to update…!

Only a few weeks into being a parent and I wonder what I used to do with all that free time that is so elusive now.

Recently there have been a few articles and a podcast episode I have been dying to share with you all.

  • On the Kitchn they recently ran an article on 20 easy non alcoholic drinks to make, including Non-Alcoholic Sangria, Blackberry and Sage Spritzers, and Sparkling Rosemary Limeade. YUM.
  • The Las Vegas Sun recently ran an article about the “trend” of Mocktails. I feel like if even Las Vegas is acknowledging that there are people who are abstaining from drinking THAT IS PROGRESS! Although it can still be difficult to find a good mocktail here in sin city, it’s becoming more and more normal. HOORAY!
  • A recent episode of podcast It’s Been A Minute featured an interview with Elan Gale, a producer of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, who recently wrote a book about success. Although I’ve never really watched either show, what struck me about the interview was the section about his sobriety.  Elan said that when he got sober his friends didn’t really notice…he had done such a good job hiding his issues with alcohol and was still functioning well at work so no one really thought he had a problem. For me I know I felt a similar way–my friends didn’t think of me as someone who had a problem because I would hide my drinking. I would drink alone at home before meeting up at a bar so they wouldn’t know how much I’d actually had to drink.  And I would make sure to leave before I got too sloppy and save my tears/puking/embarrassing moments for my alone time at home.  Anyway, it’s an interesting interview and I hope you all enjoy.

Onto today’s post about another place to add to the alcohol-free list….local vintage store Retro Vegas.

The exterior of Retro Vegas

Located downtown on Main Street near Charleston, it’s a perfect place to stop in for an hour and browse some of the most thoughtfully curated furniture, glassware, clothing and housewares in town.

Another view of the exterior at Retro Vegas looking down Main Street

The staff here has always been incredibly welcoming.

The store opened in 2008, and since then has earned a reputation for unique and quality items, mostly mid-century modern.

They also have an entire kitchen in the store!  The 1960’s “Retro Pink Kitchen” features a kitchen set from Rancho Circle, a Vegas neighborhood known for its upper class family residents and celebrity gatherings in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s.

A view of the “Pink Kitchen” set..truly a gem

Upstairs at Retro Vegas is a vintage clothing boutique, Red Kat, featuring carefully selected women’s clothing, as well as accessories like scarves, gloves, and handbags.

Red Kat Vintage upstairs at Retro Vegas

The owners and staff have a love of Vegas culture in addition to their passion for quality mid-century modern items.

Every time I’ve gone to this store they have fliers, post cards, and local alternative newspapers stacked high at the front entrance area.

Sounds silly, but I love stores that have these paper stacks for me to sift through and find a new local band, venue, or arts collective–and they seem to be fewer and further between than when I was younger.

A view of the interior of Retro Vegas from the Red Kat vintage boutique upstairs.

The quality vintage furniture that Retro Vegas has for sale is unparalleled.

If you want to browse some of the items they’ve sold or currently have for sale, you can view their sold tables, available seating for sale, and available storage items like luggage, carts and storage furniture.

A view of some of the furniture available for sale this past fall.

Affordable vintage art is also one of their areas of expertise, and you can browse available and sold items both online as well as in store.

A view of one of the art covered walls at Retro Vegas.

I should also mention they also have a pretty great selection of vintage vinyl as well for any of you fellow music geeks out there. 😉

Retro Vegas is a perfect place to spend an afternoon (and a few dollars!) enjoying vintage design and Vegas style.

With it’s downtown Arts District location, you’re within walking distance of other vintage stores, restaurants, and cafés.

Until the next time I get this little baby to sleep for a few hours….

Thanks for reading and happy sobering friends!

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