Sober In Vegas: Winchester Cultural Center

Hello out there!

Is everyone enjoying pumpkin apple cider spice latte season?

I know the stores always try and make us rush through fall for later winter holidays, but I’ve been trying to savor and enjoy the days getting shorter and crisper and cooler.

If you all can believe it, we’ve been getting down in the 60’s at night here in Vegas…feel the chill….

Before I start on today’s post I wanted to talk about the thing that has made the happiest this past week, Stranger Things 2!  Not sure if there are any fellow fans here, but binge watching it was the perfect way to celebrate Halloween.

Allright, onto this week’s addition to the alcohol-free list, the Winchester Cultural Center.

The exterior of the Winchester Cultural Center

Located on the Southeast side of town, this is one of my favorite local gems here in Las Vegas that has nothing to do with alcohol or bars.

And what I love about the WCC is that they offer classes, events, performances, activities, and art for all ages–and they have an awesome outdoor space for anyone to enjoy for free.

A view of a recent exhibition by Jennifer Kleven

The art gallery at the WCC is also one of my favorites. The space is cozy and inviting, and they always have an interesting rotation of many local Vegas artists.

A participatory element of Jennifer Kleven’s recent show ‘Urban Naturalism, Again’

When I recently visited the Winchester Gallery at the WCC, ‘Urban Naturalism, Again’ a show by Las Vegas artist Jennifer Kleven was featured.

Another view of Jennifer Kleven’s recent show at the WCC

I particularly loved the way she explores the West.

Our landscape today out west includes power lines and cell phone towers, and through her mixed media and photography she explores the authenticity of these items juxtaposed with mountains, sunsets, and the natural world.

The entrance to the live performance space

In addition to the Art Gallery, the WCC also has an awesome theatre space for live performances.

A few years ago my husband and I went to our first event here see a local band, Space Karate, perform Beck’s Song Reader live and the theatre was so much larger than I’d imagined seating just under 300 people!

On a sober related note–I love going to shows here because there is NO BAR for me to be tempted by.

Here in Vegas that is a rarity, and that’s why they are so high on my list of places to attend events.

Brochures for upcoming classes and events at WCC

As I mentioned earlier the WCC also has a ton of classes and events for all ages.  You can check out the current flyer for their offerings here, and FYI they are closed on Sundays and Mondays.

A view of the outdoor walking paths

Outdoors they have a desert demonstration garden and walking paths, as well as an area used for young people’s gardening.

Veggies growing in the garden!

On site they also have a skate park for older kids and a number of play areas for younger kiddos.

One of the play areas for younger kids

It’s been so fun to explore all of the different offerings the WCC has since we moved home to Vegas.

My husband has commented every time we’ve ventured over there how much he loves both the indoor and outdoor components of the center–and I’d have to agree.

Every time I’ve stopped by the staff has been welcoming and kind!

For any locals out there I hope you’ll take time to stop by, and if you’re an out of towner looking for something off the beaten path or happen to have young ones with you on the trip, this is the perfect place to spend an afternoon.

Thanks for reading and happy sobering friends!

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    1. Hey there! Apologies it’s taken me so long to reply–but the Winchester is free! Classes and performances do carry fees, but just to enjoy the art gallery or walk the grounds is totally free of charge 🙂 Hope you enjoy your visit there!


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