Sober in Vegas: Priscilla Fowler Fine Art

I am delighted to add yet another location to the alcohol-free list of things to do here in Las Vegas.

After doing this blog for about 10 months, I can’t believe there are still so many places to visit and enjoy here in Vegas for those of us who are in recovery or choose not to drink.

Recently I had the pleasure of visiting Priscilla Fowler Fine Art located in Downtown Las Vegas at Art Square.

The exterior of the Priscilla Fowler Fine Art Gallery at Art Square in Downtown Vegas

The gallery serves both as Priscilla’s studio and a curated gallery space with rotating exhibitions.

It’s free of charge to come in and view the artwork, and at the time of this post the gallery is open Wednesday – Saturday 12 to 6 pm (and then on First Fridays 5 to 11 pm and Preview Thursdays 5 to 9 pm).

The front of the post card for the show through Oct 28th
The back of the post card for the Black and White show through Oct 28

Through October 28th she’s showing Black and White, which features drawings, prints, and photographs sans color.

An interior view of the sunny and inviting gallery

Featured in the show is artwork by Donald Corpier Starr, Hayden Senter, Terrien Hale, Alexander Lui, Clarice Tara, and others.

A view of Donald Corpier Starr’s work

The gallery itself has a lightness to it–not only from the large windows that allow daylight to flood the walls, but also Priscilla has created a welcoming energy in the space.

Upon entering she greeted me and asked what brought me into the gallery that day.

Artwork is available for sale at the gallery, and here you see artwork by Joanna Michalowicz

We ended up talking about Las Vegas and art for almost an hour!

She comes to us in Vegas most recently via Denver, and has a passion for creating an exhibition space for others.

As an artist herself, she clearly values showcasing what makes each artist unique and finding through lines in their work to create group showings.

Priscilla Fowler herself! She’s shown here with her own artwork, and she’ll make you feel welcome from the moment you stop by.

Priscilla’s artwork features natural and organic shapes painted with acrylics, ink and water onto surfaces such as Mylar, paper, and canvas.

Her layering technique gives the artwork its three dimensional quality…and on a personal note I was really moved by her use of color.  Her artwork was stunning.

I am so glad Priscilla decided to relocate to Las Vegas, and I can’t wait to see how her gallery continues to showcase both local and out of state artists downtown!

Thanks for reading and happy sobering friends!

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