La Maison de Maggie

It’s so hard during summer here to convince myself to turn on the oven for cooking…as much as I love cooking at home, during these triple digit months I end up eating out more than any other time of year.

Good thing we have some incredible places to dine here in Vegas, and the recent discovery of La Maison de Maggie has made this summer delightful!

The unassuming exterior of La Maison de Maggie

Located on the west side of town, the restaurant is across from Desert Breeze Park, a great public park and community area.

The cute interior of La Maison

When you come inside, you are usually greeted either by Maggie herself, or one of her young french employees.

At the front they have a small ‘store’ area that has french candies, sodas, and spices available for purchase, as well as Maggie’s home made preserves (more on that later!)

The menu and “store” area 

The menu is simple and focuses on crepes, salads, and smoothies.   Over a few visits, I’ve been able to try their salad, a smoothie, tea, and a crepe.

Salad with homemade mustard vinaigrette!  MMMMM!

Everything I’ve had here is made from scratch and with care.

Even something as simple as the salad above was just perfection–the pears were softened and peeled but not sweetened, the dressing was in perfect proportion to the other ingredients–it’s just clear that Maggie wants everything to be just so.

The flying baby crepe!

One really special thing about this place, Maggie has her flour flown in from France to maintain authentic flavors, textures, and tastes.

In her words:

We know that shipping high quality French ingredients from over 6’000 miles (9’650 kilometers) is certainly not the cheapest way to prepare crêpes! However it truly is the only way to maintain authenticity and that is the price we are willing to pay to give you the best experience. A crêpe at La Maison de Maggie is exactly how it would be if you were seating in a crêperie in France.”

The prices here are fair, about $15 per person if you’re having a beverage, of which I should mention they do sell a few beers in the cooler (so sober-friendly, not alcohol-free), but there isn’t a tap and they have so many other options to drink it was not tempting for me!

Maggie’s Strawberry Basil preserves

And of course as I mentioned earlier, she also sells home made preserves.

Oh. My. Gosh.

They’re amazing.

She partners with Gilcrease Orchard for many of the produce items used to create the preserves, which is why they taste soooooo freeesssshhh. Yes, you need that many vowels to understand the flavor these preserves punch.

I hope you’ll venture over to the west side for a little taste of summer!

Thanks for reading and happy sobering friends!