Sober in Vegas: Support For Others

I have so missed being here!

Things in my personal world have been good–this is just a time of major transition so I’m trying to keep it together and keep balanced.

And sadly I haven’t had time to sit and get my thoughts together for a few weeks.

Trying not to be too hard on myself, sometimes we can only do our best…and that has to be enough.  ❤

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This brings me to what I have been thinking about these past few weeks–how can we support others?

I was speaking with someone recently who feels like they’d like to stop drinking, and we talked about all of the feelings that come alongside issues with alcohol.

Feelings and thoughts I’ve been ashamed to have experienced are:

  • Resentment towards people who don’t have issues towards alcohol.
  • Anger at myself for not being able to moderate or control it.
  • Shame about my struggle with alcohol.
  • Self-hatred. This one like x100.

I’m not saying all of these feelings are gone, they come rearing their head at the most unexpected (and unwelcome) of times.

But here are some things I’ve learned in no particular order over the past two and a half years of not drinking.

  • Sobriety is empowering.
  • There are so many more things to invest my time in than alcohol.
  • Everyone struggles with something.
  • It’s important to find hobbies.
  • There are MANY paths to quitting alcohol.
  • We need people we can call, text, and email for support.
  • There is no shame in asking for help.
  • Being brutally honest about your feelings is a way through them. Even the ugliest ones.
  • You are not alone.

Friends, what are things you have learned? Or are learning?

What did you turn to in your early sobriety?

What do you turn to when you are further along in your sobriety?

What are the thoughts and feelings you’ve struggled through?

What books or websites or podcasts have helped you?

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for reading and happy sobering friends!

6 thoughts on “Sober in Vegas: Support For Others

  1. I am working with a woman who is now 2 weeks sober, and she has a hard time with not drinking during romantic and date nights with her husband.
    I so understand that.
    I told her I have learned to untangle the romance and wine.
    That hubs and I are VERY romantic without drinking. It took awhile, and I find we don’t linger as long when we are out for dinner, but that’s just fine for us.

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  2. I’ve learned that in order to stay sober you have to heal from whatever you have been through in life , if not you’re just gonna be miserable sober. I’ve learned to be patient with myself , forgive others and not get mad when others don’t understand what I am going through. Truth be told not everyone is going to get it . There’s a book called “being sober” that I first read when I got sober . It helped. Amazon has a whole bunch of books on recovery . I enjoy reading memoirs because it shows you what others have been through and you can relate . Makes you feel less alone. Surrendering my life to Jesus , praying , worshipping , listening to music has made a huge difference in my life. Ever since I’ve been saved a lot of my burdens have fallen off and I no longer live in shame and guilt . I’ll be praying for you both ❤️ sobriety rocks !

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  3. I’m off to work so I don’t have time to respond to your questions- just wanted to say Hi! Welcome back! We missed you being here as much as you missed being here. ❤

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