The Writer’s Block in #DTLV

UPDATE: As of April 2019 The Writer’s Block has moved to its new location at 519 S. 6th Street

Hi friends!

I am still working on my next ‘Sober-Friendly Strip Tips’ which will feature The Wynn at the request of my blog buddy She Hid Behind the Glass, but I just need to find time to get a few more photos there. 🙂

In the meantime, please enjoy a wonderful alcohol-free adventure in downtown Vegas.

One of the things that has been so wonderful to see is the revitalization of small businesses in downtown Vegas over the past couple of years.

In the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s the downtown Vegas area had tons of small, quirky, family owned motels and businesses.

During the economic downturn around 2007 the few small businesses that had survived the 80’s and 90’s had an especially tough time.

In the past few years however Downtown Vegas has seen more and more small businesses opening in this area–hooray!

One of my favorite small businesses to open their doors is The Writer’s Block, a thoughtfully curated bookstore that offers classes, reading clubs, and author events.

The storefront of The Writer’s Block

The Writer’s Block is located on Fremont Street just a few blocks East of the covered area of Fremont near Las Vegas Blvd.

If you’re on Fremont Street at Las Vegas Blvd., walk away from the covered area towards The El Cortez.

Keep walking about 5 minutes and it will be on your left just past 10th street.

neon sign.jpg
The neon signage here is on point!

The atmosphere in this book store is just really special.

The couple behind the store, Drew Cohen & Scott Seeley, have cultivated a very welcoming space.

Every detail seems to be hand-chosen and the aesthetics delight not only kids but adults as well.

A view out the front window looking onto 11th Street Records
The amazing selection of tea here!

One thing that’s especially fun here is that beyond the fantastic and varied book selection are the many other items sold, including artificial birds that are available for “adoption“.

I purchased one of the birds for a friend’s daughter awhile back and it came complete with adoption papers specific to the bird and referencing the bird by name–so sweet!

Up top you can see some of the (fake) birds available for adoption
Books geared towards locals are plentiful here…

The Writer’s Block also hosts a number of events for both adults and kids.

Most of the workshops they offer are geared towards young ones, which you can check out here, and the events are mainly geared towards adults are listed here.

Some of the items sold to create your own diorama (and up top is one created based on Fremont Street)

This is one of my absolute favorite places to stop by and bring friends to when visiting the Downtown Fremont Street area.

checkout area.jpg
Checkout is actually located at the back of the store….
…but the best part about checkout at the back of the store is that you get to meet the store pet, a rabbit named The Baron!

It’s a great area to spend the day alcohol-free…and if you want you can venture across the street to 11th Street Records and then down the street a few more blocks for a coffee at Public Us (which just FYI is sober-friendly and not alcohol-free) it’s a wonderful afternoon in downtown Vegas.

Thanks for reading and happy sobering friends!

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  1. Oh I love this, what a fun sounding store!( cute bunny and adopt-a-bird idea too!) I don’t think I’ve ever thought about exploring the surrounding areas of the covered part of Fremont, but that’s probably because I’ve only been there once in the daytime haha. Ps- Thanks for not forgetting about my request! 😊

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