Sober Friendly Strip Tips #5, Yoga on and near The Strip


As I’ve mentioned before, for anyone who struggles with the temptation to drink (we’re all at different points in our sobriety walk, and I realize what triggers me may not trigger others) The Strip may be a place you want to avoid when visiting Vegas.

However, I also realize some people who are sober are required to stay on The Strip for work, conferences, and family or friend obligations (ie. bachelor/bachelorette parties…) and it’s nice to have a ‘toolkit’ ahead of your visit.

Not sure about you all, but I know for me yoga classes have been a huge help to my sobriety.

I appreciate doing something social that doesn’t involve drinking and the physical activity also helps me manage my anxiety (which I used to manage with booze). And the teachers in the classes help me push further than I do at home when I practice.

I’ll be honest–I haven’t attended all of these locations (and some of the prices are high–but that’s par for the course on The Strip) but I wanted to at the very least put them together in one place for you folks staying on The Strip who are trying keep healthy, sober, and sane!

And BIG shout out to all my local Vegas Insta-friends for all your amazing suggestions! You all are the best!

Yoga on The Strip:

The Fashion Show Mall, Lululemon: Located on the North end of The Strip, they offer one free(!) class a month (usually on Sunday mornings), I’d advise calling ahead to see timing and dates.

The Bellagio, Yoga classes at The Fitness Center:  A one day pass to their Spa/Fitness center is $40 if you are staying there and $50 for non-guests, but in addition to classes it includes access to their steam room, sauna, jacuzzis and cold plunge area.

The Aria, Yoga classes with a personal trainer: A 50 minute class will run you $50 and combines both Ashtanga and Hatha yoga.

The Mandarin Oriental, Yoga classes with a view:  They offer both group and private classes and they their studio overlooks our the CityCenter.

Barefoot Sanctuary inside the Whole Foods at Town Center: This location is on the South End of The Strip (about 2 miles south of Mandalay Bay) so if you’re staying up on the North end of LVBLVD. you may want to take the bus or a cab down, but this studio is great! Drop in classes are between $15-$20 and sadly I have heard rumors that this studio may be closing, so please call ahead to confirm class schedules.

Yoga on The High Roller: So I haven’t done this one yet (but I really really want to!)…our local ferris wheel, The High Roller, does offer Yoga while enjoying the view of the Vegas valley. It’s $75 a person, and they offer it three days a week at 11:30am–so definitely call ahead to702.322.0593 to make your reservation. Thanks to my instabuddy @ksasquared for reminding me about this!

Yoga that is under a 30 minute Uber/Lyft/Taxi ride from The Strip:

Sin City Yoga: Located in downtown Las Vegas at Colorado and Main (about a 15 minute cab/uber/lyft ride), they even have a tourist special! $24 for a class, mat rental, and water bottle. Also. they are right near a ton of cute vintage shops and a lovely coffee house Makers & Finders, so if you’re coming from The Strip there’s alot to do once you’re there!

The Grateful YogiAn instagram friend gave me this info as well! This studio is located about a 15-20 minute ride from the center of The Strip. Drop in yoga classes are $17 and their schedule can be found here.

Blue Sky Yoga:  Also located in downtown Las Vegas, they’re inside of The Arts Factory at Charleston and Main. Classes are donation based, and suggested donation is $12 per class.

Yoga Kandy: This is VERY close to The Strip but I would probably not rec’d walking, as it’s located on a road called Industrial which runs parallel to Las Vegas Blvd and has high traffic and I want you all to be safe out there! Drop in classes are $15 and it’s only about a 10 minute car ride from the Strip.

RYK Yoga and Meditation Center: I want to give a shout out to my Insta-buddy @mindfylmystic who teachers here! This studio offers tons of classes and it roughly 20 minutes from the Strip via Cab/Uber/Lyft. They offer drop in classes for $18, and side note..they are located right next to some of the yummiest Mediterranean food you can get in Vegas, Paymon’s.

Tru Fusion Summerlin: If you’re going to head out to Red Rock this is a great option as it’s located on the west side of town (FYI for folks Lyfting/Ubering it’s about a 30 minute ride). Thanks to my insta-bud @carlybbenson for suggesting we add this one to the list!

Yoga Sanctuary Las Vegas: Another insta-friend suggestion here! Yoga Sanctuary is about a 20 minute ride west of The Strip and drop in classes are between $18-$20 (depending on if you are visiting from in state or out of state)

I hope this helps folks who are seeking some peace when they’re visiting us here in beautiful Las Vegas…and especially with Lyft and Uber coming here, getting to a yoga class while visiting has never been easier.

Thanks for reading and happy sobering friends!

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  1. Thank you sooooooo much, I’ve been trying to find yoga places for my trip! I once did yoga at the Mandarin Oriental, it was stunning. The studio is delicious and the view out over the city was a real eye opener for me.
    Sending sober hugs and love from New Zealand,
    NOWineImFINE 🌺🌸🌺🌸

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