Sober in Vegas: Majestic Repertory Theatre

Took this weekend off from social media and online outlets for the most part.

With everything going on in the world  I was starting to feel overwhelmed, sad, and hopeless.

I could feel the want to drink creeping in, and sometimes (not always, but sometimes) for me keeping busy can help fight the desire.

Enter…seeing local theatre!

There is such a wonderful rush from being in the same room together watching and performing in a live show where anything could happen at any moment.

Such excitement y’all……!!! 

Majestic Repertory Theatre has become a recent favorite for me here.

Located in Downtown Las Vegas on Main Street near Charleston, it’s a quick ride from The Strip via Lyft/Uber/Taxi and for locals there is ample street parking available.

stratosphere background.jpg
A view of The Stratosphere from Majestic Repertory Theatre’s location on Main Street 

The Artistic Director, Troy Heard, has directed some of my favorite shows in recent years with other companies–notably Motel.

Motel took place in an actual motel in downtown Vegas called Gateway Motel and moved throughout different rooms for each different scene.

In addition to actually being inside of the space where the story was taking place, you were just a few feet away from the actors and it was one of the most intimate theatre experiences I’ve had in a long time.

Anyway..onto last weekend’s show, Cherry Orchard of the Living Dead.

majestic rep cherry zombie set.jpg
A view of the eerily designed set for Cherry Orchard of the Living Dead

The show was a mash-up of Anton Chekhov’s classic play the The Cherry Orchard and George Romero’s classic film Night of the Living Dead.

Sounds like a stretch I know, but it’s nothing short of a delightful, campy, literary, pop-culture romp.

Part comedy, part horror, all fun…I would recommend this show to anyone who enjoys either element of what it’s based on, or to anyone who enjoys a quality blackbox sized theatre production.

A quick note on alcohol–the theatre itself doesn’t sell alcohol, but folks are allowed to bring in drinks from the bar next door so I’ll categorize this one as alcohol-free for the time being.

The show runs for 1 more week, tickets are $23 and they still have a few more shows this season which I am looking forward to seeing…not to mention their 2017-2018 which will include one of my all time favorite musicals HAIR. 🙂

Thanks for reading and happy sobering friends!

4 thoughts on “Sober in Vegas: Majestic Repertory Theatre

  1. I hear you on the feeling of hopelessness and such with the political climate and other worldly issues right now. Part of me wants to unplug, but I also know there is a lot of good out there that I don’t want to miss either.

    As for the show – I just passed a new theatre on the way home the other day and was craving to see a play – haven’t seen one in AGES. So this is great to see something else pop up in my life for that.

    Chin up – let’s get through this!


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