A visit to the Temple of Goddess Spirituality

Over the past few weeks I had been looking for a place near the Vegas area to walk a labyrinth, and although I had found a few, I had not yet made the trip to visit any of them.

Then my friend Google turned up an unexpected result–The Temple of Goddess Spirituality in Cactus Springs, NV!

Cactus Springs is about 1 hour North of Vegas (just after Indian Springs and about an hour before Beatty) on the US-95.

The drive was much easier than I expected, and they provide a really great map online to help make sure you can find your way to the Temple.

A view of the Temple in all its desert glory

When you pull up to the dirt parking area, there are some nice signs pointing you into the Temple area and giving you some ground rules for the premises.

Rules for enjoying the Temple area

Although I was not able to take advantage, the Temple offers camping opportunities and monthly events.

Some events are geared specifically towards women, but there are also events for everyone (and they have 2-3 open events a month which you can view on their homepage linked at the top of this blog post).

A view from inside the Temple

The Temple is free of charge (although they do have a donations button on their homepage if you feel inclined) and they are open daily from 8am-6pm.

One thing I found incredible about this place is that alcohol & drugs aren’t even allowed on the premises. Alcohol-Free my friends!

It sounds silly to say–but you could really feel a clean and wonderful energy here.

Genevieve Vaughn, the founder of the Temple, wrote some really thoughtful information about her history and the history of the Temple’s creation here and I wanted to include a small excerpt:

“The site of the temple is powerful for many reasons. Built on the very edge of the Nevada Test site, it is also three miles west of Indian Springs, which houses an Air force Base, and about eight miles from a Federal Prison. About forty-five miles more traveling will get you to the suburban outskirts of Las Vegas. One gets the distinct impression that the oppressive forces responsible for the test site are uncomfortable with Sekhmet’s (the Goddess the temple is dedicated to) proximity. With seeming ill-will, anti-tank helicopters called “wart hogs” and F111 jets fly low over Cactus Springs on their practice flights, momentarily disturbing the silence. You can watch them buzz the tiny temple which is set back from the highway about a thousand feet. Hundred-year-old cottonwood trees dot the oasis. Sweet-smelling creosote bushes, mesquite trees and salt cedars drink from the precious underground water. Many birds and wild animals participate in the delicate and beautiful ecosystem.”

A serene desert view

I can say after the visit up here, it truly was a place of serenity and peace.

My friends and I spent over an hour here walking around quietly, taking some time to sit on the ground and breathe, and we spent some time inside of the Temple as well.

There were small sounds–birds, ants, the wind.

It was an incredible view of the mountains and a beautiful reminder that we are part of a larger world out here in the desert.

And of course the labyrinth!

The whole reason I had even found the Temple was because of a google search for a labyrinth nearby!

A view of the walking labyrinth–sky above and mountains ahead

It was such a peaceful walk through the path of the labyrinth.

We each took turns walking through on our own time.

It sounds silly to say–but walking slowly on this path under the warm desert winter sun with the soft wind blowing was somehow an incredible release.

A release of anger, of shame, of guilt.

Three emotions I feel regularly during my journey of sobriety.

One final view before we left

Even if you have different spiritual leanings than those of this Temple, I recommend a visit to this place.

I felt welcome and safe here–something that can be rare in such a big city as Las Vegas.

And on your way driving south on the 95 back into town make why not stop at the Desert National Wildlife Refuge…you’ll come back into the Neon Lights refreshed and ready for everything the sober life has waiting for you.

Thank you for reading and happy sobering friends!

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