Downtown at Container Park

It’s been rainy here the past two weeks and as far as I can tell it’s getting Vegas folks down and out a little bit.

We’re used to winter sunshine even when it’s cold! (Please cold climate readers forgive us our weather grievances…)

Anyway, despite the unusual overcast, I’ve been trying to continue exploring Vegas places through the sobriety mindset.

Today I’ll be featuring another Downtown Vegas gem, Container Park

Although this place isn’t Alcohol-Free, it’s Sober-Friendly for sure.

One of the many outside dining areas at Container Park

Even though most restaurants here serve alcohol, you can actually get the food to go and dine outside…

For me this is especially useful so I won’t be tempted to get an alcoholic beverage while sitting in the restaurant looking at all the drinks…I can just remove myself and get outside to enjoy some fresh air.

Front entrance to Container Park with heart sculpture by Nova May

Some of the dining options I’ve really enjoyed getting take-out from so I can dine outside over the years are:

And there are a number of restaurants I haven’t tried yet that all look delicious!

Please find a full list dining options here.

A view from the 3rd floor of the Container Park with the Stratosphere peeking out in the background

Another fun feature of this park is all of the public art nearby and outside.

The most popular piece at Container Park is probably the Praying Mantis designed by Kirk Jellum of Burning Man fame.

At night it shoots fire out of its antennae and is ‘awakened’ by a drum circle each night at sundown.

This video gives you a pretty good feeling for the park at night (as after hours it becomes 21+)

Everyone’s favorite Praying Mantis

In addition to the great art and good food, there’s also a number of stores and vendors for your enjoyment.

Everything from art to clothing to gourmet popcorn and chocolate–you can check out the full list of vendors and a map here.

A view of the play area from up the top floor

A note for out-of-towners:

This is located just east of Las Vegas Blvd. at Fremont Street–if you are staying downtown it’s an easy walk.

If you are staying on the Strip, it’s about a 4-5 mile walk North on Las Vegas Blvd., and easily accessible by bus or taxi/Lyft/Uber.

Enjoy a little secluded dining at Container Park

Enjoy this little slice of Downtown Vegas and happy sobering friends!