Sober Friendly Strip Tips #1, The Linq Promenade

There will be times for most of us living in Vegas (and those of you visiting Vegas) where The Strip may be unavoidable or inevitable.

Take a deep breath.

It’s ALOT to be on The Strip and sober, but there are options for you.

If you are newly sober or struggle with the temptation to drink, I am going to warn you flat out anywhere you go on The Strip alcohol will not be far away. I’d recommend avoiding it if possible.

However, I know some of you reading may be stuck on The Strip due to a conference, a bachelor or bachelorette party you have to attend, or another group or family event  you simply can’t bow out of.

I am working to compile a number of “Sober-Friendly” places along The Strip for you.

None of these can be deemed “Alcohol-Free” but I at least want to give you a few options where alcohol won’t be the main focus.

The first place I’ve found to be particularly “Sober-Friendly” is The Linq Promenade  located between The Flamingo & The Linq, across the street from Caesars Palace.

view of the high roller.jpg

A view of The High Roller and the entrance to The Promenade from Las Vegas Blvd.

The below list is by no means comprehensive–there are a few cafes and stores I don’t call out–but that being said, The Linq Promenade is a pretty friendly place for us sober folks as far as The Strip is concerned…

Food & Drink

Squeeze Fresh Cocktails. I know, I know. You are like–are you kidding me?

I’m not. As I mentioned almost nowhere on The Strip is alcohol-free, but this place is surprisingly sober-friendly…check out the list of fresh juices and smoothies they offer.

  squeeze outer.jpg
Above a view of the exterior of Squeeze & below a view of their alcohol-free menu (sans the lines about alcohol add ins & beer…)

juice and smoothes.jpg

Next up, Starbucks.

Not unique to Vegas, but hey, it’s nice to have an option for a coffee shop that doesn’t serve it up with a shot of Bailey’s, right?

Another perk about this particular Starbucks is it’s open 24 hours…it can be hard to find sober-friendly places after dinner, so it’s nice to know about this location.


Heading further into the Promenade we come to Amorino Gelato.

They have coffee, espresso drinks, and gelato–YUM!

I also looked through the menu, and as of now when I’m writing this post, they don’t serve any alcohol in the place. Nice!

amorino gelato.jpg

After you’ve got your juice, your two coffees and a gelato…how about washing it down with a yummy cupcake?!

Check out Sprinkles for your next treat…they even have a cupcake ATM.




(Just wanted to make sure this was clear…an ATM that serves cupcakes=dreamy)


Now that your eyes are swirling from the coffee and sugar rush…let’s get something more to eat than a snack.

We are in luck!  In-N-Out will be opening at The Promenade very soon!

in n out.jpg

I love In-N-Out not only because they are willing to work with almost any dietary need, but they are low cost and alcohol free!

Is it the healthiest option in Vegas? Probably not…but they’re tasty, fast, and I never have to worry about being tempted to buy a beer when I order there since they don’t serve it, so they get two thumbs up from this Sober Las Vegan!


First off, The High Roller.

Gonna warn you–they do sell alcohol here, however, the main focus is on getting a spectacular view of the Vegas skyline.

You can save $ by buying your tickets ahead of time online, and if you’re a local they do offer a discount if you show your ID.

Another fun (but not cheap) offer on The High Roller is yoga. YOGA!


As I mentioned, it’s not cheap.

It’s $250 a person, or $300 per couple–but it’s likely to be something you would never forget–and a truly unique Vegas experience that doesn’t focus on booze.

The other activity along The Promenade I’d like to give a shout out to is bowling at The Brooklyn Bowl.

brooklyn bowl.jpg

Again, this place serves alcohol, so it’s “Sober-Friendly” not alcohol free and I’ll warn you it definitely has a bar-like vibe.

But it’s a nice place to focus on an activity that isn’t gambling or drinking on The Strip.

One thing to note is that they don’t open until 5pm, just in case you’re hoping for that early bird game this isn’t the right place…

Rates (at the time I’m posting this) are:

  • Sunday-Thursday $20/game
  • Friday & Saturday $25/game
  • Shoe Rental is $4.95
  • Socks are available for purchase at $4/pair

In addition to the above, there are also a number of stores, a few other places to buy a sweet treat, and a couple of other experience based businesses.

You can check out the full list on their site.

Hang in there sober friends and happy promenading!

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