Exploring Red Rock Canyon

A post holiday drive through Red Rock Canyon…

red rock view 2.jpeg

For out-of-towners and locals alike, Red Rock Canyon is one of the best outdoor areas Las Vegas has to offer.

I know this is well trodden territory in terms of ‘things to do’ in Vegas, but I’d like to offer a few thoughts on why this is specifically lovely for those of us on the road to sobriety.

  • They offer a year round pass for $30.  This is a great deal especially if you like being outdoors.
  • They offer guided hikes, events and lectures.  If you are a person who is new to the outdoor life, this is a great way to start to feel comfortable at this park and get to know some of the trails. Even if you’re a person who is no stranger to the outdoors, sometimes it’s nice to hike with others rather than by yourself or with your same hiking buddies.
  • Picnic Areas abound! For me, sometimes having control over meal planning with others can be helpful because I don’t have to worry about alcohol just ‘showing up’ when I maybe wasn’t prepared to deal with it.  This is a nice way to spend a day with a friend or group of friends–invite them up to Red Rock for the scenic drive and an outdoor picnic.

In addition to the above, obviously the hiking. At some point I hope to go into more detail about specific trails at Red Rock, but for now I’ll link to their page on trail info.

When you’re driving back depending on whether you go the Blue Diamond Route or the Las Vegas Route, there are two places I have found to be sober-friendly and alcohol-free.

  • Driving back the ‘Las Vegas Route’ along Charleston Krayvings is a great place to get a meal before or after your adventure. They are alcohol-free and offer protein based meals. They also have a great smoothie and juice selection made fresh on site.
  • Driving back the ‘Blue Diamond Route’ you can stop at Cactus Joe’s Nursery. It’s a beautiful space and the staff is warm, welcoming, and eager to help answer questions you might have about the plant and rock specimen they have for sale.

Happy sober holidays friends!

…a cloudy day wintry view of Red Rock Canyon this past holiday weekend.

red rock view 1.jpeg