Sunset Park Perks

Located on the South East side of town, Sunset Park has something for everyone.

It features walking paths, a dog park, a lake that allows for fishing, frisbee golf, ballfields, playgrounds, picnic/BBQ areas, and fields that I’ve seen people using for everything from touch football to LARPing to yoga to special events.

This park has been special to many people over the years. In 1967 it was acquired by the city–and prior to that in the early 1900’s it served as a private ranch.  Before the 1900’s it had been land inhabited by the Paiute Indian Tribe.

It houses a piece of Las Vegas Strip history as well–on a small island in the center of the lake sits a sculpture that allegedly had been part of the decor of the Aku Aku Restaurant inside of the now defunct Stardust Hotel and Casino.

For me, the trails are one the best features of Sunset Park.

I find that now that I don’t drink I tend to get more restless than I have in the past–and walking has been a true source of comfort these past two years.

The other part I really love about this park is that there are multiple trail options.

A lap around the lake area is roughly 1 mile, and if you would rather forgo the lake area (as it does tend to be popular) and would rather take a more peaceful walk, you can do a lap in the history and dunes area and cover about 1 mile.  Check out a map here to plan your walking adventure.

A few pictures I’ve taken over the years for your enjoyment.  Another perk this park has to offer is a beautiful view of our desert sunsets, which can’t be beat!

Views from the walking path around the lake area:

Sunset Park Lake Morning.jpg  Sunset Park Lake Sunset.jpg

Views from the walking path near the dunes and historical markers area:

Sky and Shrubs at Sunset Park.jpg      cactus-clouds-at-sunset-park                                      Walking Path at Sunset Park.jpg

Following your walk around the park you might wish to pick up a treat.

Back in my drinking days I would have wanted to go out for a beer following a walk with a friend to the park–and today instead of stopping at the bar, I have found I really enjoy a post walk pick me up at Sunrise Coffee, which is right across the street from Sunset Park.

I know today it’s hip and trendy for cafes to have beer and wine, and I really appreciate that Sunrise has forgone this trend and only serves items that are alcohol free.

They also have gluten free, dairy free, and vegetarian options in their pastries and drinks, so they’re friendly to most folks dietary needs and/or restrictions.   Enjoy!

Note for non-locals: 

Sunset Park is about a 15-20 minute ride from the Strip and about a 30 minute ride from Fremont Street.  It’s very do-able by Lyft/Uber/Cab and if you were already planning to visit Casa de Shenandoah, the former home of Mr. Wayne Newton, Sunset Park is right across the street.