Hello sober world!

This is also on the ‘About’ Page, but I wanted to use this info for my first post as well to give some context for what I hope to do with this blog.

Welcome sober friends–glad to have you here.

About Sober in Vegas:

This is a blog dedicated to activities that are sober friendly here in Sin City. Most people don’t associate sobriety with a city like Las Vegas, but if you take the time to explore, Southern Nevada has much to offer those of us living sober.

Since I know sobriety and addiction triggers can be different for each person, I try my best to specify whether the activity is ‘Alcohol-Free‘ or ‘Sober-Friendly‘:

  • There may be a coffee shop that I feature that does serve alcohol, but that isn’t the main offering of the establishment. That I would categorize as ‘Sober-Friendly‘.
  •  However, if there’s a restaurant, theater, or place that doesn’t have alcohol for sale at all, I’ll categorize it as ‘Alcohol-Free‘.

What this blog isn’t:

  • This blog is not a replacement for doctoral advice and I make no claims to be a health professional.
  • Please seek the advice and help of a health professional if you feel you are suffering from alcohol abuse, addiction, or suicidal thoughts.

About Me:

I’m a person who got sober about 2 years ago at the end of 2014.

I have had slip ups since then, but I work hard to remain sober and have made lifestyle choices to support my sobriety.   I see sobriety as a personal choice of health and empowerment and I am grateful to have this choice. I still struggle with wanting to get wasted. I know some folks who used to drink don’t really miss it–but I’d be lying if I said there weren’t times I still wanted to drink. This blog is a project to help me (and hopefully others) celebrate and strengthen their choice of sobriety.

I have chosen to remain anonymous, so please, if you feel like you might know me do NOT post my information or name on this blog. Instead, please reach out to me via email at vegassober (at) gmail–thank you!