The “New Parent” Deck


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The “New Parent” Deck

Contains: 11 cards (4″x6″)

  • 10 artistic reminders with original artwork for new parents
  • 1 double sided welcome card

Printed in the US, these shiny, sleek, and colorful cards are designed for any new parent.

They make a perfect gift to folks entering their first year with a little one.

Card sentiments include:

  • Breathe
  • Ask for Help
  • Be Honest
  • Seek Other Nonjudgmental Parents
  • Laugh
  • Remember This Is Temporary
  • Go Outside
  • Put Your Phone Down
  • Recalibrate
  • Find Comfort

I created these right around the time my daughter turned one, reflecting on the words that gave me strength during our first year with a new kiddo.

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