Original Artwork: “They’re Profiting From Your Worry” (Watercolor, Paper, Mixed Media Collage)


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“Relief, 2019”

Original Mixed Media Collage

4.5″ tall x 6″ wide

The lyric “They’re Profiting From Your Worry…” is the opening line from Andrew Bird’s Bloodless.

I keep thinking about this line, wondering who profits from me feeling badly about myself. About my looks, my weight, the wrinkles that are starting to form on my neck, around my eyes, on my forehead. Who is making money on me not feeling good about myself? I want to be thoughtful about why I’m doing something, why I’m giving into buying something. Who is profiting? And who is making me feel less than?

I am also working to rekindle and rediscover my relationship with music without alcohol.  This has been one of the parts of sobriety that I’m still working on, even a few years in. How to have a relationship with music that doesn’t involve alcohol.

My #soberrecordclub collages are going to be my work towards forging a new relationship with music.

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