Sober in Vegas: Tropicana Dollar Cinemas

This week’s post features place for those of us on a budget…with the new baby we’re definitely more thoughtful about how and when we spend our dollars, and it’s been fun to revisit a place I have memories of going to while growing up here in Vegas!

I’m delighted this week to feature the Tropicana Regency Theatre. 

Sober in Vegas Activity Category:  Entertainment

Proximity to Strip: 20-25 minutes (Lyft/Uber Friendly)

Alcohol-Free or Sober-Friendly: Alcohol-Free


Let me say from the get go–this place may not be for everybody.

You should know ahead of time it’s usually crowded and loud, but you know what? At only $2 a person for adults, totally worth it.

The theater is located on the southeast side of town, not far from the 95 and Tropicana.


The walls are adorned with paintings of some of my favorites (see above for The Shining, Home Alone, Spaceballs, and Jaws) and they’ve got a small arcade that only adds to the nostalgia factor.


A couple other things to mention:

  • The movies start on time and there aren’t previews–so don’t be late!
  • They are pretty strict about not bringing in outside food or drink, but they do have both available for purchase.

If you’re looking to eat following the movie, I highly recommend Thai Room right across the street.

Thai Room has dinner and lunch specials that are under $15 each, and their food is always delicious.

Not to mention in that shopping center is a great Goodwill Thrift Store, so you kinda can’t go wrong if you’re looking to make a day of it on a budget.

Between a movie, Thai food, and a quick stop at Goodwill, Tropicana and Pecos is my dream intersection for an alcohol day out on the town!

Thanks for reading and happy sobering friends!


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